Drago Prgomet and his team for Zagreb

Often, before some elections, and not even being an exception, we can hear people say they do not trust polls. Especially when it comes to surveys on various portals, which are pressed by pressing the button next to the name of a particular candidate. To make such surveys we should not really believe the show and the case of the Zagreb HDZ, which seems to be paying its young members to lure the poll results on newspaper portals, of course, to the HDZ Zagreb candidate Drage Prgomet.

The operation is very simple, it can be concluded from the correspondence of HDZ's in Zagreb - a dozen younger members of the party, in this case twelve, are engaged through the Student Service. They sit "day and night" in the party rooms and write positive comments on the portals Dear Prgomet. Also, more importantly - if a particular portal reveals a questionnaire about upcoming local elections, type: "Who to vote for", they would be paid to endlessly press the name of HDZ's Drage Prgomet.

Although such polls can only vote once, simply by deleting the history of browsing (history) and rebooting the browser, it can be re-voted, and so on. In the end, it turns out that a particular candidate, in this case, Drago Prgomet, has a lot more "clicks" than he would have received realistically, and when it was accompanied by the positive comments that he wrote about paid students and other young HDZ members , a fake picture of him and his prospects in the upcoming election was created.

We have also discussed this with a lawyer who explained that there is no criminal or misdemeanor involved here, but how such manipulation of polls, including those on newspaper portals, is neither nice nor democratic, especially when it comes to such a big party as which is HDZ and a respected doctor like Drago Prgomet.

Below we make two photographs, so-called screenshots, which clearly show the HDZ's plan to raise President Prgomet's prospects in the elections, at least in surveys that are abundant by almost all portals that follow local elections. The names and numbers of mobile phones are known to the portal of Dalje.

The question remains, does Drago Prgomet know about this subdued game of younger members of the party, because his last night's statement was interesting when he visited the other candidates for the mayor of Zagreb at the HRT Open show.

"Do not call on the polls of three weeks ago, you'll see the polls in the next few days," he said Lovely Prgomet in Open.