Mate Knezović

Mate Knezovic, lawyer and head of the Family Party, plans to go to the local elections in Zagreb. Except for the mayor, his party will have a list for the City Assembly and some city districts and local councils. To Zagreb, he says, offers a new mentality, a new ideology, where there will be no place for Josip Broz Tito, flags of long dyes and so on.

Begin to introduce me, who is Mate Knezovic?

Mate Knezovic is a man who has 55 years, I was born in Herzegovina, I studied in Zagreb and here I am all his working life. I'm married, I have four children, I'm a lawyer and the president of the Family Party. I was quite active in some civil society organizations, and that would be about my short presentation.

What do you offer Zagreb and the Zagreb?

I offer two programs or one big program composed of two heads. The first part would be symbolic and I am totally specific to other candidates because I believe that it is precisely this symbolism that determines the future and how we will behave in the future.

What is it about?

We have a Marshal Tito Square who is a worldwide criminal, his anti-fascism can not relieve him of any responsibility, he can not relieve him of the killing of innocent people, and in our case, of the genocide of the Croatian people. So I think he needs to replace another significant person in that square, and that is Blessed Alojzije Stepinac.

The second symbolism I'm promoting - in Zagreb, the flags of long dyes will not flourish. This means that gender ideology, that movement, takes over our city in June and then on Jelačić placa and the square of King Tomislav are flanked by flags of long colors without any foundation. Let them seek their own, but they have no right to change the symbolism of our city. It's some kind of mental occupation of our city.

Third, I have a specific idea - a cemetery for the unborn. There are around 8-9 thousands of children born in Zagreb every year, however, we do not know how many aborted children are. I would like for those kids, since more and more information that they use in the cosmetic industry, thrown into trash, etc., made a cemetery or a grave. So one day as a society we have a reminder of the crime we have committed and that these women have where to come and say, "Forgive me, I'm sorry".

What do you offer from so-called utility projects?

I am a lawyer with a lot of management, I know what management is and how it needs to be transformed into a modern administration that we do not have in Zagreb today. First of all, I would have a kind of duty each week, receiving my fellow citizens from 14 to 18 hours. I would not only be picking them up, but all my faces. Additionally, the city administration would gradually decrease as it would not accumulate problems but solve them. Each head of state would have to redesign his line and we would work as a team in a fast and efficient administration, all moving from the mayor himself.

You said, in which way would you catch up with an enforcing mafia, what do you call it?

That. The overwhelming mafia has a lot to do in Zagreb, in a way that they are in the mafia of the city structure and structures of Holding, notaries and attorneys, and then practically robbing citizens, which is unacceptable - that the debt from the 100 kuna can grow to the 2000 kuna. That would make me very easy - those lawyers who want to continue working for the City of Zagreb under normal conditions will have to release some of the debt. To the public notaries, unfortunately, we can not do anything because the state is involved. But confiscation through public notaries should definitely be brought back to the court, and there is also a statement by the European Court of Justice that says these decisions are not recognized as court decisions.


I would also solve the traffic problem. This, along with good professionals, can be resolved very quickly, for example, by removing or reducing traffic in the city center.

What else, in your conversation, you mentioned the free day for women, what is this about?

I would have one day free for women, to consecrate families, to recreation - of course, that would be the case for those women working in the City Hall or the Holding.

I would also solve the conflicts of pet owners and parents. You see that we have in town, in parks, enclosed small spaces for children, while dogs run around the parks, digging, leaving their feces. It really is not appropriate for the last village, not the City of Zagreb.

Economy, Crafts, Entrepreneurship?

I would go back to craftsmanship in the city center, but in all city quarters. For example, Zagreb has no business zone. The Zagrebers travel to Jastrebarsko, Samobor, Sveti Nedjel because they do not work in their city.

As far as culture and sports are concerned, we need halls and pools in every neighborhood. To begin in every neighborhood we have one pool, and later in every neighborhood, the resort.

At what level do you expect to go to the elections?

For the mayor, the City Assembly, and certain city districts and local committees, where we have members and sympathizers.

Who would you be able to coalesce with if you came to that?

To those who accept a different mentality, and on the symbolic level mentioned and on this second, program. Of course, I would not be with the followers of a communist system because I believe that the SDP as a successor should be banned at all. Such a party should not exist at all, they should take all the property away because it is a national asset, that is, they robbed them of the people. And it is inadmissible that the successor to such a system - legal, spiritual, material, - exists at all as some kind of political factor.

What do you think of Milan Bandic's current mayor's reign, is it time to replace someone else with the head of the city?

If somebody gets better, but if Anka Mrak Taritaš will come and if he will build houses for 5000, then it's not time. All those who were at Togonala in the Open are those who do not think a mentality that does not matter anything important. They all agreed on everything.

A Bruna Esih?

She too, so she is not beyond that. Those who think that she is anything more than that privileged circle will be foolish. So you see she has access to all the media, why, why? Why am I not?