The Zagreb SDPs pointed to the problem of crafts and entrepreneurship in the City of Zagreb. Although, they say, the situation is not catastrophic, much is what needs to be changed so that Zagreb craftsmen and entrepreneurs can live from their work.

"You know that entrepreneurs are people who are in search of the desired circumstances that are favorable to them, and if they can not come to such circumstances, then they create it on their own. Unfortunately, in Zagreb, too often, they have to create them themselves - said the secretary of the Zagreb SDP Dominik Etlinger, and then left the word to his colleagues.

The first was the chairman of the SDP's entrepreneurship and crafts council Darko Liović, which compared all that, he believes, is a city administration with a mayor Milan Bandic the head is wrong or, at the very least, insufficiently well.

- The fact is that the City Office for Economy actually participates with almost 20 percent of the City of Zagreb Budget, but what is the fact that most of this money goes to subsidies and subsidies to ZET and the Waste Water Purifier. Out of the entire amount that is intended to stimulate the economy of the City of Zagreb, less than 30 million is completed in the pockets of entrepreneurs and craftsmen - Liović said.

As for the incentive and development program for entrepreneurship and crafts in Zagreb, Liović noted that none of these programs is a pure city program. Some clarify the state programs co-financed by the City of Zagreb, and some that the State took over from the City of Zagreb.

- So it points to the lack of vision in the City Administration for the development and promotion of entrepreneurship and crafts - Liović concluded.

Tin Pažur, a leader of the SDP and HNS lists in the Gornji Grad-Medvescak City Hall, stressed that a major problem and unresolved property and legal relations, as well as numerous urban spaces that are empty, and the city has no idea or vision that would with them. He thinks these areas should finally be put into operation, amongst other things, some of them being given to craftsmen and entrepreneurs, which, he concludes, has proved to be very good now that Zagreb is lurking for tourists.

The SDPs have not forgotten to tell the mayor Bandic that in his reigns in Zagreb the money from the European Union funds to drop. If they come to power after May local elections, they promise, the City will subsidize expert assistance to all craftsmen wishing to withdraw money from EU funds, and argue they will deal with public procurement and introduce innovative and green public procurement.

In the end, they said that in Zagreb, however, it was not all so black. The Blue Office and the Technological Park in Velesajma are the highlight of Bandić's rule regarding the development and promotion of crafts and entrepreneurship, but SDPs are also called upon to make certain moves. For example, displace the Blue Office in several city districts, and not just one in Vodnik.

Zlatko Cehun, the most famous Zagreb clown, supported the Zagreb SDP program for craftsmen and entrepreneurs, calling it realistic and advanced.