Pero Kovačević, source: Facebook

Known Croatian politician and lawyer Pero Kovacevic will be on the upcoming local elections, led by the Independent List of Trnje. They submitted candidate lists to the City Election Commission, both for the Trnja Town Square and for the local committees.

- Under the slogan "Trnja Trnjanima, with heart for Trnje", we submitted to the Municipal Election Commission the Trnava Independent List of Trnava for Trnava Trnava and the Vrbik, Cvjetnica, Cvjetno Settlements, Miramare and Martinovka Councils. I am the Carrier of the Independent List of Trnje for the Council of Trnsko Trnje and the Council of the Vrbik Municipal Board. Our slogan is clear - Trnje Trnjanima, with the heart of Trnje, which means that the Trnja will be decided by Trnja citizens and not by interest groups and groups from the Atlantic group and the Adris group, led by the mayor, party leaders and others who represent Trnava's private interests by presenting "public interests". The candidates on the lists are honest, honest and professional people who know, want and can run this slogan into action - he said Pero Kovačević.