Hrvoje Franusic

Hrvoje Franusic is one of a few "small" candidates for the mayor of Zagreb, though potential candidates because to become a candidate of the sea, as well as others, to gather 5 thousands of signatures from Zagreb's citizens. It will be difficult for him to say, since there are neither party nor various powers, nor capital, behind him. Most of the work is done alone. But it is not difficult for him, he says. It hurts only the unequal treatment of most media - "big" media "large" candidates give as much space as they want, while "small" does not give it at all, which does not mean they have nothing to offer.

How does the collection of signatures go, and how difficult is this work to be done almost alone?

Being an activist and struggling for good ideas is the most beautiful thing in the world, but it is not easy. In the concrete case, collecting a candidate for a mayor's nomination, if you are not a part of a strong party, you must have an army of motivated volunteer-activists who do not wait for people on the stand but cross over them and try to convince them of the beauty of the ideas that represent their political option. We are very little, we give our best, but we do not give up. I am the only candidate who personally collects signatures and these days I can also have 10 hours on my feet without sitting down. Anyway, I do not regret it because it's nice to fight for good ideas from which the whole society has the benefit.

One day in HRT's Open Show, most of the candidates for the mayor of Zagreb were present, except for a few "little ones". Why did not everyone call you?

This is a major failure of public television, inapplicable in this delicate phase of collecting signatures. Perhaps these people from the television are not even aware that in this way they have helped the well-known candidates get the signatures as soon as possible, and the lesser known candidates are gone because of collecting signatures if no one has heard about your ideas. Collecting signatures is a mining job whose weight is unknown to anyone who has not personally tried it. At this stage, all candidates should have the opportunity to present their ideas and program on television.

What is, in general, the treatment of media towards "small" candidates, specifically, towards you? Do you have space?

Not enough, but I do not mind complaining and complaining. I countlessly believe in the usefulness of a company of ideas that I represent not only those that relate to my program for the City of Zagreb, as the head of the future, but also the social benefits of the political principles I represent and one that you can not be a mayor and a parliamentarian at the same time, that is, that you can not run for one while you have a completely different job. If the media want to talk about it, I will be happy if they want to give the media space to those who are part of the "old" mentality and interest that Zagreb and the whole society brought here where we are now, they do, but citizens want new, fresh ideas, new faces and new mentality because the old mentality can not get us out of the problem that he brought us, along with those who serve him.

Will you succeed in collecting signatures, and what if you fail?

Honestly, I think it will be very, very difficult to collect signatures because 5000 is a great number for someone who does not have a party machine behind him and who has no way of getting to the television to among other things asks almost all the candidates how uncomfortable they are to run for mayors and counties, and the citizens have chosen them to be 4 years in the Parliament. If elected, their seats in the Parliament will come from those that citizens did not choose. That's wrong and it's incredible how easy they all cross over and it's made to be normal. The problem of this society is that it has become normal what is not normal and vice versa. I've taken a vacation for collecting signatures, and those for campaigning can get away from the House when and how they want it. Our Steel Principle - If you are elected to a function, do it by the end of the mandate and at that time there is no opportunistic candidacy for other functions.

And word for the end?

It is absurd, somewhat and funny, that no matter what I am presenting wonderful ideas for Zagreb, which everyone can see on the my website "Big" media are steadily giving space to those of most of the past and who have shown up to their past acts to be ready to compromise just to keep power or to come to the armchair.