Battle for Savica continues. After Mayor Milan Bandic ceased work and said that the park would be arranged only if the inhabitants of Savica wanted it, the members of the initiative "We guard our park" have also announced that they are seeking to arrange the park arrangement at a public hearing, so that the tenants that Zagreb quarters give their suggestions and wishes and that a valid public call for the best solution would be given for the works.

The members of the initiative point out that the inhabitants of Trnjanska Savica in the park need more space for children, adult equipment, a dog room, drinking water, new baskets and benches, and in the park they want natural materials.

- If there is money for park planning, it will not "evaporate" but will remain available to citizens, and there are clear rules and law-prescribed procedures for the implementation of the hearing - they say from Initiatives "We Keep Our Park" and add that they support all solutions that are in line with democratic procedures, not just a single man at the head of the city.

Mayor Milan Bandić also proclaimed a call for dialogue

The Mayor of Zagreb, Savic, sent a call to all on Saturday to find, on a large scale, Savica, in the park in question, to resolve all disagreements through dialogue. Bandic's call is transferred in full.

- Dear residents of Savica, dear fellow citizens

inquiries and requests to organize a petition in which the inhabitants of Savica would like to comment on the possibility of building a park in their settlement, as a mayor of Zagreb, I invite you to join in a democratic atmosphere, Saturday, 29. April from 7 to 19 hours, at the meeting in the park on Trnjanska Savica, we solve this controversy.

I kindly ask you to respond to the invitation as much as possible and to express an opinion about the misunderstanding in question, all in order to clarify the controversies related to it.

In performing the mayor's office, during all my mandates, I have tried to respect the will of my fellow citizens. I am quite sure that I will again, but only with your help to make the right decision, and to the satisfaction of all the inhabitants of Savice - stands in the invitation of the mayor Milan Bandic residents of Savica.

So, on Saturday, the patchwork around the park's layout at Savica should be scattered, but it remains unclear why Bandić intends to regulate this part of the city and why the tenants here, with the support of numerous politicians and candidates in the elections, are so opposed. Of course, each and every one of them taps - Bandic in his counter-candidates to pick up cheap pre-election points, and those in him to favor someone.