Interior Minister Ranko Ostojić said on Wednesday night in Tovarnik that Croatian police have complete control over the Croatian border, but if migrants come to a greater extent, Croatia will have to think about completely different behavior.

"We have full control. If, however, large waves happen across Serbia, then we have to think about procedures that would be completely different. This means that the EU needs to do 'hot spots' before they reach Croatia, "Ostojic told reporters arriving in Tovarnik from Belgrade where he spoke with Serbian Interior Minister Nebojša on his own initiative on his own initiative Stefanovic.

"I believe we will quickly reduce the inflow of a large number of people who are burdened by this border crossing. That was precisely the topic of discussion with the Minister of the Interior in Serbia. The situation in which so many people come without control is unacceptable, "Ostojic said, stating that 1.300 people entered Croatia, which is identical to the total number of migrants entering Croatia in all months of this year.

"Of course, that is a large number, but all the institutions are doing their part of the job and I believe that it goes hand in hand for all those who need help. I want to thank the cops of the Vukovar-Srijem police, the border police, and I do not want to forget anyone who participated in this first acceptance as well as those who throughout Croatia also show responsibility and are doing their part. The plan we made worked. We had to make certain changes between the reception centers and we will activate some alternative sites that we need at this moment, "said Minister Ostojic, saying that the police of Croatia and Serbia immediately got in touch with the two ministers' meeting and there was a relocation in Tovarnik itself.

"There are now fewer people here. And of course we will take advantage of the northern transitions agreed to accept, "Ostojic replied to the question of whether the migrants would enter Croatia even across other border crossings such as Batini.

He also said that the Croatian police did not apply force to a single migrant.

Asked by journalists how many migrants Croatia can still receive, Ostojić said Croatia had the capacity to receive 1.800 persons. "With alternative centers we can make more accommodation for people looking for international protection. However, time will show who needs such protection, and who are the people who do not have that right. I have to say that Croatia does not organize corridors to the EU. We stick to EU rules. When I spoke, I was just talking about the corridors that were agreed with neighboring countries and corridors now operating, which is the corridor from Tovarnika to the reception center in Dugava, "he clarified.

All those who do not seek international assistance will be registered and will be treated as irregular migrants and will be settled in Ježevo, he said, prioritizing vulnerable groups, primarily women and children.

After reporting to journalists, Minister Ranko Ostojić visited the reception center in Tovarnik, where immigrants arrive and register to be sent towards the interior.

The train arrived to Tovarnik on Wednesday night, and the refugees would have to travel, most likely to Zagreb, just before midnight, he was still at the train station.

By some informal information, the oasis will not start for another few hours.