And your street tells the story. Under the cherry tree you end up passing every day, somebody is shy and clumsy for the first time. The usual hole on the road in front of your house is not ordinary. This is evidenced by a scar on someone's knee created after a bicycle chain crash and a muddy bald skull. And only that neofarbana fence with spikes? And for years, she has kept the secret of torn sweat pants that roar apples neighbors.

Each and every village, village and hamlet has its own history. You just deleted, forgot or simply - in the wastes of time. The history of the past is exciting and even if you just realize that most of you have been through your fingers, do not let the future happen. For, the past is exciting, but not half as it is today. Especially if you are a citizen of Kozari Boka or Puteva, a suburban suburbs of Velegrad that slowly but certainly lush, blossom and wisely approaching the heart of the city.

If someone deliberately made a decision to live in my neighborhood, I must warn him of the rule number 1:

- Forget about intimacy

Because ... If someone squeezed his sleeves seriously and decided to go through the whole settlement without touching the street, that could be a problem. From the terrace to the garage, from the garage to the stairs, from the roof to the hollow. Little where the houses are squeezed so much that, for example, this is my everyday life:

"Neighbor, leave me some pizza, smell the whole house," says a woman whose house almost touches mine, and who blames every smell the smell of what I'm cooking and what day I will eat.


"Hurry up a bit, and I like that song," he hisss, even though I listen to the radio and adds:

"Are you ready to go somewhere?" ... because he hears the hair and knows that I dry my hair ...

The future resident of my neighborhood, besides your unimaginative environment, has a daily insight into your menu, very often someone without a notice will go to the house "clean to see you" and will not even marry you out of the shower under the shower and the water with you're curled up in the parquet. Because in your excited, half-hearted voice you will have to apologize for how "what with three different husbands and fifteen children is again".

If you still want to live in my neighborhood, I have to admit you this too ...

Everywhere, but every street has a pile of piles, buffers, buffers, which is about eight o'clock in the morning. The good news is that it will eventually become an integral part of your life and you are very likely to get used to it. The bad news is that some of them have a few streets, so the brazilian-pilgrim symphony lasts all day.

Advice? Do not try to react because you will be able to make friends with your abattoir for a lifetime. How?

"What do you feel angry? Here, I'm still doing this two meters and it's over! So I have to warm up, huh? Negooo, come and let us have a beer. "

And almost.

From that day on, the guy with the mandule and the cigar in the mouth has paved the way for pilgrimage for the rest of his life.

But as a resident of my settlement ... I have to be honest to the end, put your hand on my heart, so tell you this ...

Once you come to my (not good), famed settlement, you will fall in love with him for the rest of your life and want to stay forever.

Because she's gonna banish you in the house while you're naked ... Well, she's gonna touch you with a plate of soup when you're sick, and what smells like your lunch will take the last steam from your account to cover your minus. The bucher will drive you when you can not get it and the pile will take you to a hospital if you do not.

For it is so in Boku and Puteva. People around you may not allow you to be alone if you want to. But you (and this I guarantee) will certainly not leave you alone when you are in trouble. Know, with these people, whether you want or not, you will tie up and become part of the community, similar to marriage. You will be with them, and they will be with you - in good and evil.

Author: Snježana Vučković