Dragan Martinović is an entrepreneur born from Bosanska Posavina. He is a candidate for the Zagreb mayor's coalition of his Budonica Croat - Bosnian Croat community and HSP. He promises to deal with burning problems - waste, traffic and parking. But most important, he says, keeps young people in Croatia, in Zagreb, and plans to achieve a comprehensive program that will enable them the most important jobs. Ideological themes, although they have a firm stance on them, are not interested in it, since, first of all, they have to be addressed, and only later, to deal with the names of squares, streets and the like ...

How does the collection of signatures progress, will you succeed in collecting five thousand?

Ideas to her during. It is important that man has as many booths as possible in different parts of the city and if this is well arranged, these 5 thousand signatures are not so scary to collect.

Introduce readers of Portal Dalje, who is Dragan Martinović?

Dragan Martinović is an entrepreneur, married, father of two schoolchildren, president of the Budnica of Croatia - Bosnian Croat community, I entered the race for the Zagreb mayor. I am an entrepreneur 20 years, after graduating in Zagreb I ended up in Germany, as it is today, there was no work. I've been there for some 5 years so I came back. I had a clear goal of having my own business and so it started to this day. What led me to engage in politics, together with our friends from the Croatian Party of Rights and the HKDU, we decided to create a program that would give rise to root changes in Zagreb. The City of Zagreb needs changes and fundamental changes. The city is neglected, neglected, these 25 years are just talked about and in some ways only cosmetics, but the city needs to root changes - new avenues, new streets, new businesses. there are new companies missing - young people are leaving the country and hard to come back and they are the country's largest capital. We have to find ways to keep them. Young people do not need an apartment, they do not need houses, they when they finish school need work. You're out of business right now. If you do not have a job you can not marry, you can not plan a family.

How to keep young people in Croatia, in Zagreb?

As I said, the backbone of my program is young, it's the most important part of my program and I have a vision of how to do it. The city is powerful, has opportunities, empty spaces and other opportunities where it can be a guarantor for young people and give them space to use. It is conceived as a pilot project for 3 years to give all empty spaces for use to young people without any giving to the City, aside from their own spending, and that the City as such, as a subject, pledges with banks to help young people obtain credits and to be a partner and guarantor when getting these loans. and what the City can do, and what I would do if I was a mayor, is to pledge that the Government for the first three years of the year frees tax allowances and paperwork because that is the help of young people, no cosmetics, no 2 percent, 5 percent, this is a comprehensive help for the young. Because if you do not offer complete help, as if you did not even help. If he has space and has a complicated paperwork and complicated tax system, he is not enough again. So you have to offer him a complete program.

How to solve traffic problems in Zagreb, and those with waste disposal?

I have a vision of how the city should look. I've been living in Frankfurt for a long time, a child of immigrant background, and what I have seen in a rich country like Germany is that something is always working. We at all times have to work on a new overpass, a new underpass, an extension of a street. There is a lot of story about the Zagreb metro, I promise citizens that in the first 4 year of my mandate, if I choose, make a first kilometer of metro, set the foundations. Without a subway you can not have a modern city, without a fast crossing from one end to the other you can not have some optimum development. We will lose all the battles in any competition with related cities.

As far as waste is concerned, I have already said that there is a location that is not so far away from Zagreb, 40-50 kilometers - there is a waste to be disposed of here, not in the city. It is interesting because there is a clay such as this, so thick that it will not waste all that waste material, especially now that we use all of these modern technologies in waste management. You could also get the money from EU funds to move all that waste to that new location.

Ideological themes, what about Marshal Tito Square, how would you solve this?

I would not mention it, it does not need us today. We have many more important issues. But I will only say that my father's father was a Croatian soldier and he did not return from war, and my father's father was a Croatian soldier and he did not return from war, then you know what I mean about Marshal Tito Square. But I said, this is not a theme today, it is not interested in the young, they are interested in the job. This is what the city officials are doing to us, so do the officials who do not know what they will do, sit on computers all day, play games and design things that would be "interesting". This is not a priority job that I imagine. When we solve this, then we will deal with squares.

To what extent do you go to the upcoming elections?

We have submitted lists for local councils and city districts, we will have a list for the City Assembly, and, of course, we will go to the mayoral elections, both my two associates, the candidate for the deputy.

Possible coalitions, with whom do you see?

It's hard to say. I'm an entrepreneur, unlike my colleagues who are in the public budget from kindergarten to today. It is a rule for me to get the result first, then sit and negotiate. Whoever has achieved the result, has got votes, he will be a relevant factor, and be assured that I will know how to do it.

What do you think about the current mayor Milan Bandić and his long time in Zagreb?

The mayor is getting up early and lying late, and kisses with a lot of people. However, this should not be the job of the mayor. It brings points, of course, it brings popularity to the citizens - this group a little, that group. He has created tens of thousands of people dependent on him, he spends our money instead of giving him for the reconstruction or construction of our kindergartens, schools, youth jobs, he invests money on groups and groups to vote for him. So, of those enormous billions, that's about 40 billions of euros. So you know what you could have for 40 billionths of a million, you could raise the whole new city over Save. What kind of Zagreb is today - a neglected, gray and totally defective policy.

What do you say to Zagrepčankama and the Zagrebers?

I was born in Bosanska Posavina, with us the law. I'm in business where I hand in hand, and hand squeeze instead of contract. And it is not a primitive way of negotiating, a handshake in Germany, and especially America, is the same. So, I got used to what we agreed to do, to squeeze the hand and that is it. Be sure all that I have promised in my program - the new avenues, the initial phase of the subway, the entire Vukovar and Slavonian denivelate, two bridges across Sava in the west of the city, I will agree in the first four years and the first focus are young. We need to keep them, because without new jobs and no new companies, we can not. We can not just accumulate a public administration full of Dad's and Mom's children. Be assured I will change it. I will also solve the parking problem in the City of Zagreb - because it is not right for citizens from the first zone to have unlimited parking where and how much they want, which the City has provided them. It is subtle and corrupt to all of us who do not live in the narrow center of the city.