We talked with the head of the Independent Croatian Trade Unions Krešimir Sever. We did not miss the topic since, at least, apparently, everything went better, again we have a government crisis, we are moving again, and maybe there will be a new parliamentary election. While eating beans in parks in Zagreb and protesting on the squares - the trade unions, Sever says, will send their messages from Slavonski Brod, a symbol of the once powerful industry that is falling today, a symbol of the mass exodus of young people ...

What is a messenger's message to today's Labor Day with regard to everything that is happening with the government, Agrokor?

Croatia is unfortunately constantly in some turbulence, especially before the elections. This is certainly something that Croatia did not need because encouraging figures - GDP growth, projections are good, expected arrival of prudential agencies somewhere in July, it was expected that a good rating would be obtained, possibly a growth of credibility that would meant interest rates for both the economy and the citizens. This would, moreover, mean more available money for both development and economy and for salary growth. Instead, we note now the mutually facing and conflicting political elites that once again show that they are actually the least concerned to citizens, to work more with each other or against each other, and we are already all sites.

The problem is emigrating from the country, is not it?

There is an increasing number of people coming from Croatia. There, some 60s, 70s, and 80s from Croatia were usually accompanied by male family members, and the families stayed. However, today we note that young people leave, men and women who have not yet created a family or those who set it up, go with the family from Croatia because there is no future here.

Yes, and most of them do not even think of going back to Croatia ?!

Just as the families stayed and the male members went to work, it was logical that they would come back. However, today, in this irresponsiveness, it is clear that those who go away do not think to return. They will have children somewhere else, they will raise children somewhere else, they will develop some other countries, which is a disastrous one for Croatia. It is also fatal because of the fact that it is a developmental possibility, so much is lost. It is therefore extremely important to draw attention to that part, to demography. The issue of demography is the question of stable jobs, worthy jobs, worthy salaries, decent working conditions. For Croatia, therefore, it is necessary to turn around, it is necessary to turn around which will ultimately turn to the citizens, so it is time and politics that it ceases to serve only ones and theirs. It is unbelievable to what extent they are oriented only to themselves, and the citizens only stand before the elections and even before this election, local, and we are all hostages of that. It is time for the policy to begin serving the citizens - it is time to increase salaries, to grow the minimum wage, to create the conditions of quality jobs and working conditions, as it is only a guarantee of the future of Croatia and the retention of young people in Croatia.

Unions are today in Slavonski Brod, why there?

Two years ago we were in Sisak, we returned to Zagreb last night, and we decided to go to Slavonski Brod as part of Slavonia, which was known for the economy, and 15 thousands of people were employed by Đuro Đaković at present, and today more than 5 thousand . The problems in Slavonia are extremely large - the strong abandonment of young people from Slavonia is the impoverishment of that region. But we could also go to Lika or some other part of Croatia, but this time we have made a symbolic return to Slavonia. They leave from Slavonia, and from there we want to send a strong message that it is necessary to create the conditions for people returning to Slavonia. Also, we want to send a message, since it is a city that is polluted because of everything that is delivered from the Bosanski Brod refinery, these people have no job, they are afraid of losing their jobs, young people have no prospects and are furious. We think that these are enough reasons to be in Slavonski Brod today and send our first message from there.