The Labor Day is traditionally celebrated in Zagreb's Maksimir Park, with a share of carnation and a thousand portions of beans with sausages. Mayor Milan Bandic who, with his associates, shared the beans and prepared the night before, to raise heavy potatoes with beans, "earned" the problems with the skunk, so he would have to have an emergency surgery.

In addition to the many citizens who came to eat a portion-two beans, hang out or just walk through the most beautiful city park, there were a lot of politicians there. Expected, a local election campaign is in progress, and if there is better place to collect signatures than in Maksimir. With the citizens, besides the mentioned Bandic, they also met Mostov Marko Sladoljev, independent Sandra Švaljek, Ivan Lovrinović - the candidate of the only options and the Living Wall, the candidate of Budnica Hrvatske - Community of Bosnian Croats Dragan Martinović and others.

The trade unionists in Maksimir did not exist today, they decided to send their first message from Slavonski Brod, a symbol of the emigration of young people, but also to the former symbol of industrial development and today the decay of the industry.