Samobor, 21.01.2015. - One person in a family home in the Strmec Samoborski settlement in the Samobor area on Wednesday night died, according to a Zagreb police. Archival photograph of 07.09.2013. year recorded in a family house in the Vrapce district of Zagreb. photo HINA / Damir SENÈAR / mm

Zagreb firefighters fought the whole night with the big fire in CIOS at Jankomir. 135 firefighters from 11 vehicles and 25 DVD vehicles participated in the shutdown. At these moments, the fire is under control, followed by an investigation. It is suspected that the fire was grounded because the security guard saw a paraglider a few moments before his outbreak over the waste.

According to information from the City Office for Emergency Management, there are no injuries, and there is no danger of smoke poisoning, but residents of surrounding villages are worried that they will keep their windows and doors closed.

- Educational Institutes for Public Health "Dr. Andrija Štampar "conducted several measurements of air quality close to the fires and the wider environment, which did not record the presence of harmful gases. 135 firefighters with eleven vehicles and twenty-five DVDs came out of intervention. The fire is being phased out, and please the citizens not to stay in the smoke spreading area and to keep the doors open, the doors and windows of their homes are kept closed until the fire is completely extinguished. Public Health Institute "Dr. Andrija Štampar "will continue with continuous air quality measurements, and the results of the measurements will be announced without delay to the public, according to a press release City Emergency Management Office.

Recall, CIOS was burned three years ago, in April 2014. The fire itself was then switched off during one day, but the fire lasted for a total of three days, and then three people were injured.