We talked with Mrs. Frano Laica, a resident of Savica and a member of the Initiative, who opposed, as they say, the violent arrangement of the park there. He says that the duties remain until the Mayor Milan Bandic definitively does not give up on the imaginary. His Sabbath polls do not acknowledge because they find that its result does not show the real wish of the inhabitants of that Zagreb quarters where more than 9 thousands of people live.

The hearings are still running. How long do you stay in "barricades", when will you fight?

We plan to keep the watches up and running, 24 hours a day, as it has been. We have filed a protest to 20. May. If the situation so far resolved, if we are to ensure that nothing will be done in this park at Bandic's plans, then we will abolish these missions and cancel the protest. However, given that we have filed a permanent protest, there must always be someone here on duty.

Do you gather a petition against such a park arrangement?

Yes, we already have more than 1200 signatures, from Saver tenants to citizens from other parts of the city who came to support us.

And what about the poll conducted by Mayor Bandic, according to him, is that most of the residents of Savica for landscaping in the way he imagined?

The quart has 9 thousands of people, and 800 people have been elected by him, of which 700 has signed for decoration, and 100 is the one against decoration. However, people who signed up for decoration were supposed to sign in general for decorating. Later they came to us at the booth after they voted for the decoration, and signed a petition against Bandić's arrangement. And the same thing, in principle, we advocate for landscaping, but not for Bandic's project, in the way he imagined it. His survey confused people.

There is a suspicion that the survey is fake, that people are persuaded to sign for decorating?

Truth. Not only that, he also came up with a video showing his men how to unlock the haustors in our neighborhood and insert the leaflets that refer to this poll. He was using all means. Not to say that the protests were also seen by Assistant Head of Education for Education Katarina Milkovic who shouted at all the talk: "Bandic, return dumper". Well, that is not her job, she should not mess in such things, at least not in such a way.

The problem is, therefore, the violent arrangement of the park. You, the tenants of Savice, are not against the arrangement of the park, but against the arrangement in such a way?

We are arranging in cooperation with residents of the quarter and with the structure. To ask us for an opinion, to open a discussion on this subject. The Local Committee, as well as the City District, should decide on this, and they all work on their own hands and in force. I mean, when someone in 4 puts a fence in the morning to prevent us from keeping this park, then you see that something is not legal here. Such things do not work in 4 in the morning if everything is working according to regulations.

Many of you, the initiative, say that the prolonged hand of certain political options, given that many mayors may have been seen on Savica all these days. Well and the protest you announced before local elections ?!

We're not, we're a squash team that gathered to defend the greenery in our quarters, just that.