Former deputy at the City Assembly Tomislav Jelić accused Milan Bandic of Zagreb Mayor 2007. by damaging lands with Ivica Todoric City of Zagreb damaged by over eight million euros.

City of Zagreb, explains Tomislav Jelić, formerly owner of a deranged old building in Alfirvićeva Street on Volovčica. Some miracle, which Jelic would say, DORH should also investigate, the owner of the building becomes Grokomp, whose founder is Konzum.

Although, therefore, it was an old and derutiful building with no window and door, homelessness and drug addiction, the expert witness evaluated its value at 2200 per square meter, which eventually disappeared - for 840 square meters of business space and another 727 square meters of land, 1,9 million euros.

At the same time, the same expert witness, construction land at the crossing of Vukovar and Heinzel from 10766 square meters is estimated at 230 per square meter, which ultimately amounts to around 2,48 million euros.

And then the replacement of land - Ivica Todoric of the City of Zagreb, with a half million euro surcharge, gets valuable building land, said Jelic at a time when it was paid with dry gold, and the City of Zagreb from Gazde obtained a derrick building for the mentioned 2200 Euro per square, while she, claimed Jelic, could not cost more than the 500-600 Euro.

- Why was it done? Because Mayor Bandic would need protection in the prosecution authorities, and who could better protect him than the boss in Kulmer's courts. And that is why it was done to protect it for other harmful substitutions - said Jelić.

He claims that the City of Zagreb was thus damaged by over 8 million euros, as he said, by malicious foreclosure of the property owned by Ivica Todoric and undercutting the land owned by the City of Zagreb.

- Of course, as a responsible citizen of this city, he has filed a criminal report, and on several occasions he went to Gajev 30 carrying documents confirming how much City gets in the square when the contest is slashed and how much he loses when he does not give up the contest. But when I came to Gaia 30, a lady told me - "Mr. Jelić, I am adventurous, but none of it, here's all K Plus". I concluded that it was a fight against the windmill, that it should fight when the time comes. Well, I hope that the conditions have been met that even the man who had his parallel system in the state, not to say his state, came under the face of justice. And not only he, but all those from the institutions of the city and the state that have contributed to this, that we all sleep indifferently for Agrokor, "Jelić concluded.

He claims that the investigation of the case had only recently begun, although he had all duly registered 2007 before. years. What we have been waiting for now, nobody knows, even if it is about the amount of 8 million euros, it's 60 million.

Tomislav Jelic relied on Bridge and Mark Sladoljev

Tomislav Jelić has long been a member of the Staff of an Independent Candidate for the Zagreb Mayor Brune Esih, but they got rid of, he says, because of different opinions about the role Tomislava Karamarka in her campaign. He now joins the Bridge and their Zagreb candidate Mark Sladoljevu.