Sandra Petrž, photo: Zlatko Gašpar

Last Thursday at Milan Bandic's Club in Prague, there was a promotion of the autobiographical book Sandra Petrž - "Sandrock abused", in which the author openly and without hesitation talks about men who abused, humiliated and beaten. The promotion was emotional, it cried, but a powerful message was sent - that there should be enough to punish the abusers and finally punish them adequately, that the whole society should systematically work to get rid of such disgraceful and ugly things.

How did the promotion go?

The promotion was more than successful. The organization of the promotion was very demanding, but as the project bearer and the main organizer I had a vision of how it all should look and was just the way I imagined it.

The hall in Prague was full, who was it all?

Milan Bandic's Ballroom in Prague was full of over seventy people. This way I thank once again Mr Bandic for support and to all guests and experts who have responded and participated in the program. The moderator was Željko Krznarić, the actor who read the fragments of my book was Anđelko Antić Blažević, psychiatrist Suzana Kulović, and Sandra Vračan came as an envoy of Milan Bandic. Promotion was also the Gender Equality Ombudsman Višnja Ljubičić, from the Home of Duga Zagreb came social worker Mac Arlov Bokan, from the Children's Home Zagreb from Nazor's Director Jasna Ćurković Kelava, from the Police Directorate Dragan Josipović, and all my dear friend, member Associations of Blind and Professor of Music History Bojan Bertek. At the promotion myself, I learned that she was in the process of doing a drama that would work according to my book.

It was emotional too, I hear, was it tear?

The hall was covered with tears. The women and men were crying out, of course, with me. Thank God for positive emotions and support to heaven. Still, the most important eyes I saw were the eyes of my son and wife. With the help of the top musicians of Fadil Abdul Fafe and Ivan Aranđelović, I even caught up with showing everyone that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that we can all get out of hell if we want to.

The message you managed to convey, the message that abusers should say enough ?!

What I do is seldom who does. I've put my whole life on a tray for everyone to help other victims talk and call the abuser. I am the first woman in Croatia (so to speak) who has publicly quoted her abusers and has written an autobiography and who so openly talks about everything. My bravery, honesty and truth deserve a reward, not a bribe. I'm proud of myself and I know I'm doing the right thing and that's something big. I greet all the women who came to me in the inbox, stuffed with wonderful positive vibrations. That's my point in what direction. Straight!

What are the plans to go further?

Plans have. I'm currently looking for sponsors for a new collection of songs that ended in the manuscript. I have to see what he was doing with the drama. I have some offer to record the song since this was my first singing public performance and people did not know how to sing. I'm versatile, I expect new deals that have to do with artistic contribution to culture, I'm a writer, a poet, a choreographer, an actress, and maybe something new happens in the political side too. I can not just tell you all about it. I am very active in the awareness of the victims of abuse and I have noticed that I will be involved in various activities that are thematically related. For now I have said too much.