Samobor, 21.01.2015. - One person in a family home in the Strmec Samoborski settlement in the Samobor area on Wednesday night died, according to a Zagreb police. Archival photograph of 07.09.2013. year recorded in a family house in the Vrapce district of Zagreb. photo HINA / Damir SENÈAR / mm

The fire at Cios with Jankomir, which broke out on Monday night, was completely shut down, reports City Emergency Management.

- Fire at CIOS facility at the address of Josip Lončar 15 Street, Jankomir was extinguished. Police investigators who took the surveyors went to the fire site. Further investigations by police investigators have been taken over by DORH officials - according to a brief statement GU for Emergency Management.

Recall, the fire in the Zagreb waste management and treatment company went off on Monday night. He was thrown over a hundred firefighters with thirty vehicles. It is suspected that the fire was grounded since the security guard, as he had said, saw the paraglider immediately before his outbreak across the Cisos landfill.

On Tuesday, however, the Emergency Management Office reported that there was no danger to the residents of the surrounding settlements, that the smoke that spread from the fires is not toxic.