HNS and SDP in Zagreb joined four other parties - HSS Kreš Beljak, Forward Croatia Ivo Josipović, HSU Silvana Hrelje and Lazara Grujić retired party. The six parties, led by the HNS, will snatch from the throne to overthrow the current Mayor Milan Bandic. As HNS candidate for Mayor Anka Mrak Taritaš said, two-thirds of Zagrebers want change, and it is the first feature of these changes.

As far as the Mayan local elections have ended by the so-called Coalition for Change, the change will certainly be. In the forthcoming meeting of the City Assembly, it will not be one of the most active and visible SDP city representatives - Dominika Etlingera, known for frequent verbal clashes with the Mayor Milan Bandic.

With his work and dedication in the Assembly, but also outside, the SDP secretary of the SDP "earned" 23. a place on the coalition list for the City Assembly, which even in the most optimistic scenario can not be brought near the city parliament.

Dominik Etlinger

Unlike young Etlinger, one of the Beljakov HSS's, one of the top three in the assembly list, is sure to join the Assembly. The Assembly also enters the Assembly Rajko Ostojić, who came to the end of last convocation as a substitute, participated in several sessions, but with no apparent results. It was not visible to the booth or to the cameras. His only contribution to the SDP Assembly Club at these few sessions was raising his hands.

The high ninth place on the list also got Vesna Nađ, a former assistant to the defense minister Predrag Matić, and high on the list (14.) is also the president of the SDP Youth Matej Mišić. Among the first 20 sites, 12 has joined SDP, 7 HNS and one HSS.

For Acting President of Zagreb SDP Saša Molan, as well as for Anku Mrak Taritaš, there is nothing controversial about it, they say.

- You know the bodies of the SDP make the decision on the lists. Of course, there are always a lot of candidates, but colleagues Etlinger will certainly enter the substitutions that will be after the election because we expect victory. But his fellow will continue to be active, he is still the secretary of the city organization, but sometimes we have to change the order of the candidate, give chance to others, but believe that his colleague Etlinger will continue to be a city representative - said Saša Molan, after which Anka Mrak Taritaš was quickly joined by him.

- Colleague Etlinger will be at the City Assembly because he will get a transit seat and then there is no need for any kind of insinuation - concluded HNS candidate for mayor.

If Etlinger eventually comes to the Assembly as a replacement, it will surely come to your future colleague colleagues, but there remains a question - what message is sent to the young SDP members - do, work, do, and maybe your coach in the second half comes up with bench ?!