The interior ministry said on Thursday that so far the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia has been around 5.650 migrants, and intensified entry through the crumbly state border is recorded around 3 in the morning.

Migrants are caught in the areas of police stations Tovarnik, Ilok and the border crossing Batina.

Some of them are at the railway station in Tovarnik, from where they will be further organized by train and buses to the registration centers, they quoted from the Ministry of Interior.

The train that passed from Tovarnika last night around 800 migrants and refugees arrived at Dugo Selo this morning around 5,05 hours, after which he took them to the Ježevo Reception Center. The train from the 15 wagon to accept other migrants then returned to Tovarnik.

The migrants arrived at the shelter in Zagreb's Dugave

The first migrants and refugees started to come to the Asylum seekers' reception center in Dugave in Zagreb this morning. So far, a bus from Zagreb Electric Tram (ZET) has arrived and it is expected that new refugees will arrive in the Reception Area during the day, depending on the reception capacity of this facility.

The services are being provided by migrants and refugees in Dugave from Dugi Selo, after having brought the train from Tovarnik by train from around 5 this morning.

Asylum-seekers who were returnees at the Dugava Reception Center were moved to other locations yesterday, but their smaller group stayed across the Acceptance Park because they did not want to leave.

Migrants and refugees from Syria and Afghanistan and neighboring states in high waves from Wednesday in the morning arrive to Croatia by buses from Serbia, after the Hungarian authorities closed the border to Serbia, and the Serbian authorities redirected them to Croatia.

In order to ensure the co-ordinated action of all competent authorities and institutions, the Croatian government will set up a co-ordinator for coordination of activities on the occasion of the arrival of migrants to Croatia on Thursday.