The two biggest Croatian parties like to go from extreme to extreme. Not so long ago in the lists for the City Assembly were nominated by well-known athletes, artists and other prominent citizens who did not have too much connection with city politics or had too much interest in the communal problems of their city.

Well, these well-known figures mostly used to mobilize and attract voters to leave their seats in the Assembly mostly after their election.

But in the recent elections, the SDP has pushed the trend to place only valuable party activists on the lists for the Assembly, and they were not too familiar with their fellow citizens. Neither did the HDZ act very differently, although their names on the lists were somewhat more acute. With this tactic, SDP won the 12 mandate (never less than this century), and HDZ won two more. The rest were donated to their coalition partners.

Some then anonymous SDPs and HDZs have managed to impose their own hard work on their fellow citizens. But the most vulnerable among them have fallen off this year's list. Party leaders have decided to replace them with less active or lesser-known party colleagues.

For reasons that are clear only to Davor Bernardic and Draga Prgomet, we will find it difficult to see Maria Župana, who was also the president of the HDZ deputy club and Dominic Etlinger, the most active and most frustrated SDP representative, in the next Assembly.

We do not know what they have reproached their bosses, but we know that they often reproached Milan Bandic, and that may well be a jumble of the beginning of this sentence. Here is who will instead try to impose their fellow citizens and win the liking of voters in the 21 elections. May. If you are not a HDZ or SDP party activist, your name will not be too familiar.

SDP's first 12:

1.Zvane Brumnić

2. The other place out of its quota SDP gives HSSu

3. Rajko Ostojić

4. Ljubica Hrgović

5. Draženko Pandek

6. Vesna Nađ

7. Saša Molan

8. Tihomir Barišić

9. Tamara Čubretović

10. Matej Mišić

11. Radenko Tomić

12. Božica Uroić

13. Darko Liović

(Note: In order to keep the number of MPs in their current mandate, the SDP and HNS common list would have to win the 19 mandate of 51 as they have in the Assembly. Of these 19 mandates 6 belongs to HNS, and the SDP is renounced one mandate in favor of HSS) If they want to win at least one MP more than they did, the common list must win at least 22 seats because the twenty-first and twenty first belong to HNS. )

HDZ's first 12

  1. Drago Prgomet
  2. Andrija Mikulić
  3. Nikolina Brnjac
  4. Krunoslav Katičić
  5. Dubravka Brezak Stamać
  6. Ivan Ćelić
  7. Davor Filipović
  8. Dora Matošić
  9. Mislav Herman
  10. Ivana Župan
  11. Ivan Kujundžić (this sculptor has once again given his excellent artistic sculpture to the author of this text much more valuable than the 500 kuna and we will be in serious conflict of interest with him)
  12. Sandra Dumančić

(Note: HDZ chooses to stand alone and will need much less votes than the SDP to retain the number of mandates it has had or to increase)