Marko Paunović

And while there are local elections in front of us, while political elites come to us in Parliament, while we are still threatened by some extraordinary parliamentary elections, while our biggest company is collapsing - young people are leaving our Beautiful. Websites, sites that do not have the job to find, sites that do not pay, work for blacks or for minimals, Ustasha sites and partisans, always the same facets that dictate how we will live. One of them is the young Zagreb Marko Paunovic, who two years ago went to Germany, and does not think to come back. His parents, friends, are born and raised here, but here, he says, there is no future for him. He was disappointed in the country he liked, disappointed with politicians, employers. And he is just one of the thousands and thousands of those who have gone, who are just leaving or in these moments packing their coffins.

Introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Marko, I was born in Zagreb. By profession I am a Bachelor of Information Technology. I finished upper secondary school for a freight forwarding technician.

You went from Croatia to Germany, why?

Yes, I left from Zagreb at the beginning of 2015. years. Because of the inability to find a job. I graduated from 2011. and since then to 2015. I've been doing all kinds of jobs on black - a lot of unpaid hours, not paying wages, until everything is over. I worked as an informatizer in a company, also in black, and during my work at that firm, the boss did not keep my word - neither did I report nor pay me on the deal. When I started pressing for a login, he gave me a break. I no longer saw the future in Croatia nor wanted to live with the help of parents. I went to Germany because I already know some people there and I did not regret it.

How did you get to Germany?

Initially, in Germany, it was very difficult for the language to work, without the language being very difficult here. For the first year I worked in Post and I attended a language school, now I'm doing a job closer to a business in a SAP warehouse program (combination of high school and fax).

Compare my life to Germany and Croatia?

I am satisfied with the standard, everything is done and there is no stress, the conditions are incomparably better, except the price of apartments, but what is most important to me, the food is twice cheaper. You can live up to the salary with the pay and not even too much. The minimum in Germany is 1200 Euro net, but of course there are jobs that have a salary of up to 3000 Euro net. My example - I pay for 350 Euro for a room with kitchen and bathroom, food approx. 250 in Lidl, I spend the rest of my life. That is why language is the most important, as well as education. I have so far changed 2 to 3 in Germany in Germany and I have not had any bad experience with employers - because there are laws and breaches, they are easy to report and punishments are rigorous. The thing is when our people come without language skills and then work for our people, Turks, Romanians and so, so there will be exploitation and everything, which all comes back to the knowledge of the language. How much you know the language, that'll be fine for you - that's my opinion. I do not have a family and these costs so I can not comment on it, but in Germany there is a KinderGeld (child allowance, and this family gets me around the 200-250 per month as long as the child is studying and studying). This means that you can get that allowance per child up to 28. his year.

How do you comment on the current political affairs in Croatia?

Shy, depression and sorrow, I do not know what to say. They have peopled the people to the bone and they are not enough. I do not know what the solution is to do, except all politicians on the Goli Island, to put up and beat the bat until they return the hunt. I can not say anything about it. We had that goddamn war for the Homeland, and now all young people go out. I have 2 brother, one is out there, the other is on the verge of leaving, and the parents are poor and they remain alone and think this has happened to them. But they know that we have to go, I recommend to young people, if they do not work as much as possible in Croatia, they all go, there are many great countries in Europe: Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark. Australia and Kanda are a bit too far. It's just easier to secure, and when you lose your job, you get the money until you find a new one, but you have to look for a new job, stock market and follow.

Are you planning to return to Croatia or stay in Germany?

Well, I do not currently, I always pull the heart to the home, there are my parents, friends, but they can not live from it. But when they leave, I will not have anybody back, my life is here now so I do not plan to go back. Not even in the money, but rather as the system is better placed - in Germany, there is no concern for the citizens while there is no Croatia.

Word to end, message to young people, politicians?

So it would be recommended for young people, if they were going to the circuit as I did, to try to go out for better, develop as a better person and live under other conditions, even if not very successful, they will have new views on life. And politicians, ashamed - at least it all falls on deaf ears, as if they care. I do not think anything will change about politics until it comes to blood and goes to violence.