Milan Bandic

Throughout the Thursday, City Mayor candidates came to the City Hall by signing citizens' signatures for their candidacy as well as lists for the City Assembly. The last one in the City Electoral Commission of the boxes signed and issued an independent candidate for the mayor of Bruno Esih, accompanied by candidates for deputies of the AnaLederer theatrologist and the hundredth war veterans of the first group Marko Rados, as well as by her colleague General Zeljko Glasnović which, allegedly, also on its list for the Assembly, and, as he himself asked, at the last - 51. place.

Bruna Esih for his candidacy he collected about the 6700 signatures of citizens. The List for the City Assembly did not want to comment too much. Within a few days, she said, the public will be familiar with all the names from her, and there will be many positive surprises.

The registrar by the number of signatures is the Mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandic. He collected 67 thousands of signatures from Zagreb for his candidacy. Similarly, Bandic also made the election of 2013 before everything went before the election, although the media in recent days wrote that his work volunteers enter the offices of the City Administration and Holding literally forcing people to sign for "boss."

The first three seats on Bandic's list occupied him and his two future-potential pronouns, Jelena Pavičić Vukičević i Olivera Jurković Majić. Among the best names among the top twenty Bandic's people from the list are worth mentioning filmmakers and winners of two Oscars Branka Lustiga, a former muftie Ševka Omerbašić, Ljerka Mintas Hodak, Gordana Rusak and the cello player Anu Rucner. Bandic's new coalition partner, former HSS, and now leader of the Green List Nenad Matić, took over 9. a place on the list for the Zagreb Parliament.

Of course, the mayor, as well as at all elections, respected the female quota, so on his list of 26 women and 25 men.

The list was submitted by members of the coalition gathered around the HNS, under the leadership of the candidate and the party for the mayor Anke Mrak Taritaš. For her candidacy, the 6500 Signature of Zagreb was collected.

Anka Mrak Taritaš is the carrier of the list for the City Assembly. Second place is one of the more active deputies in the last convocation of the Assembly, the current secretary of SDP He is called Brumnić. The third place was left by SDP members to HSS counterparts, while on the fourth HNS Sanja Konig. The fifth place was given to the SDP Rajko Ostojić, and sixth party to his colleague Ljubici Hrgović.

Anka Mrak Taritaš

Among the first twenty, there were still SDPs there Draženko Pandek, Vesna Nađ, Saša Molan, Tihomir Barišić, Tamara Čubretović, Matej Mišić, Radenko Tomić, Božica Uroić i Darko Liović. Of the HNS's there is also one of the most active deputies of the previous convocation Tomislav Stojak, who was ranked seventh on the list with which he will certainly enter into the new assembly of the city parliament, and there are also Stanko Kordić, Stanko Borić and spokesman for the campaign Anke Mrak Taritaš Ismar Avdagić. Among the top twenty of the list are HSU's Davorka Vukadin Samardzic.

The entry position, which we have already written, was not received by another very active deputy of the previous convocation, SDP's Dominik Etlinger. His party colleagues assigned him 23. a place on the list that even in the most optimistic scenario does not directly lead to Cyrillic.

Drago Prgomet and Andrija Mikulić

The same thing the HDZ has made to its prominent fighter of last summoning, Marija Župana to which 27 was assigned. a place on his list that, like Etlinger, had thrown him out of the race for direct entry into the Assembly.

We asked the HDZ candidate for the mayor Drago Prgometa thus giving Župan "deserved" 37. place on the list as he almost dumbly replied that the County attorney was at 10. place, thinking of his sister who is actually on 10. place. And he also added that no one was dissatisfied with his position on the list, although dissatisfied, we know, he does.

The HDZs have collected about 14 thousands of signatures from Zagreb's citizens for the candidacy of Drage Prgomet.

First, at noon, the signatures and the list for the Assembly were submitted by an independent candidate Sandra Švaljek. It has collected 8 of thousands of signatures. More than that, only Bandić and Prgomet collected it.

Expected, she is the bearer of the assembly list. Immediately after her, two of her potential deputies - Vladimir Ferdelji i Tihomir Milovac.

The fourth on the list is the head of HSLS and the former president of the City Assembly Darinko Kosor. The retired general follows Jozo Milicevic. Sixth and seventh on the list Sandre Švaljek are HSLS's Darko Klasić i Miroslav Polovanec. It's eight Božica Ravlić, and her ninth colleague from the Economics Institute Marijana Sumpor.

On the list for the Assembly there was also a former chief of the criminal police, a frequent guest of television shows when it comes to security and terrorism - Željko Cvrtila, which is 11.

Sandra Švaljek

Let us remind, Sandra Švaljek, although an independent candidate, goes to the local elections in Zagreb with the strong support of HSLS and two other parties - the Croatian Conservative Party and the Green Party.

For reasons I only knew her and mentor Darink Kosor and they, like SDP and HDZ, punished her valuable soldier of the previous Assembly, Alena Ostojić, to whom they gave the last - 51. place on the list for the Assembly.

Some less than the 6500 signatures have been submitted to the Election Commission and the members of the coalition gathered around the Initiative Zagreb are ours, whose candidate for the Mayor Tomislav Tomašević, while Ivan Lovrinović handed over to 7 thousands of signatures.