Candidates for the Mayor of Zagreb's City Election Commission issued Thursday signatures of citizens for their candidacy, though only those who managed to collect more than 5 thousand signatures. They also submitted their lists for the City Assembly, and you can listen to what some of them said.


On behalf of my team, the former, the present and the future, I want to thank my fellow citizens for the support that was shown to us by 2013. and the people who were most responsible in the City Administration and the Assembly. We bear the burden of responsibility for managing the city of 2013. to 2017., and I think we've done enough with fellow citizens. What's left of 2017. to 2021. we will finish. Five of the fundamental priorities of this country, of this city are, above all, demography, science and education, employment, entrepreneurship and crafts, social justice and solidarity, and the openness and security of the city. Here Zagreb is ahead of the 12 projects I've been talking about, who are starting, who are going to start, which will start. What I want to say is that we have submitted 51. a man for the Assembly, headed by the mayor and two deputies, Professor Pavičić Vukičević and Professor Oliver Majić, as well as Anom Stavljenić Rukavina, consist of 27 lady and 24 man. It is a list of skills and competencies, a list of people of form and career that are realized without party healing. Again, for these elections, we have half of people who are not members of the Party of Labor and Solidarity. And I would like to thank the citizens of 67 for thousands of signatures of Mayor support for his sixth mandate.


We have submitted a candidacy for the mayor of the City of Zagreb, two deputies and our joint list for the City Assembly we have with our coalition partners. Two-thirds of citizens want change and we offer that change. We are in the election of the mayor, but equally we had the opportunity to submit the candidacy for the winning list in Zagreb. A winning list offering different management of Zagreb and returning what the citizens deserve to influence the changes that will take place in Zagreb. And what we promise, publicly, openly and transparently, not just managing the budget, but also all the processes that these situations we have been able to see recently are a past.

How many signatures do you have for the mayor?

Somewhere around six and a half thousand.


Today we gathered here a few minutes before 12. It was not accidentally chosen this time, we wanted to symbolically show that it is time to change power in Zagreb. Today we submit candidatures, I submit candidacy for mayor of Zagreb and together with me, candidates for deputy mayors Tihomir Milovac and Vladimir Ferdelji. As you know, we also submit a list to the City Assembly, a common list of Independent Lists by Sandra Švaljek, HSLS, HKS and the Green Party. With me there are good, honorable people who stand behind this list and who are ready to fight uncompromisingly for the interests of Zagreb and Zagreb.

How many signatures do you have?

We have collected approximately 8 thousands of signatures.

Who's on the list, Darinko Kosor?

We are the first on the list as the list bearer. I do not like to put my name first on the list, but so in this case. The same are Vladimir Ferdelji and Tihomir Milovac.


Mr. Darinko Kosor is on the list, on the list are the representatives of the parties who supported my candidacy, which is quite logical. But what I would like to point out is that all the members of my team and all the representatives of the city districts are on the list, and that is what we want to emphasize, that in the City Assembly must be representatives of all city districts. So the same people are on the lists for the city districts and for the City Assembly.

You respected the female quota?

Of course.


We have enough signatures. For the Assembly list over 5 thousands of signatures, while 6306 for my mayoral nomination.

Was it difficult to collect signatures, are you all around, around 6-7 thousands, the only actual Mayor collecting over 60 thousands?

I think the mayor could make it smarter, that he did not go to 60 thousands or how much he had already signed, that is absolutely impossible. I'm really interested in the database that he took these people out of the fact that I know that we had a lot of people in the field who burned every day in the sun or poured in the rain, and it is really difficult to collect the signatures no matter what we could all see that there were most people at our booths.

You have some really signatures, you're not like some, supposedly, dumped by databases?

It really seems unbelievable that someone can gather 60 thousands of signatures, and stalls have been empty all the time.

What do you offer Zagreb and the Zagreb?

One new Zagreb, new people, will not trade. as we have not traded in signatures so we will behave in everything else.


Our campaign will be positive, lots of new faces, lots of new projects and lots of faith in success. Certainly, we will be the strongest list in the Assembly and HDZ will have its own mayor.

How many signatures did you collect?

Somewhere around 14 thousand.

Did you find any disgrunters with the list?

Not. We had a City Committee yesterday, the list was unanimously accepted.

How much do you expect to find places?

I've already said, the strongest list and the mayor's place.

One of the most active deputies in the last session was the SDP's Etlinger and HDZ Župan. SDP awarded Etlinger with "23". the place on the list, and you are a parish with 37., why?

We are a County Officer on 10. place.

Mario Župan?

Okay, it's important that the Prefect is?

Well not ?!

Well, it's us.

But Mario Župan expressed himself as a city representative ?!

Your question would make sense if Mario Župan was dissatisfied with his position and status, not only on the list but also in the City Committee.

And is not he dissatisfied?

I said, unanimously adopted the list and everyone is equally worthy of it. Do not worry, we take care of your people.