We talked with Tomislav Stojak, one of the most prominent representatives of the previous assembly of the City Assembly, which we will be watching and listening to in the new convocation, as he has taken on the joint list of HNS, SDP and their partner in the eleventh position. Unfortunately, this is not the case with a few Stojak's equally valuable and active colleagues, Dominic Etlinger, whose SDP colleagues placed on 23. a place on the list, Maria Županja, assigned to 37. a place on the HDZ list and Alen Ostojić, who is on the list of Sandra Švaljek, HSLS and partner on the last - 51. place.

How are you satisfied with the list for the City Assembly and your place on it - the seventh?

I am satisfied with the fact that I will have the opportunity and in the new mandate of the City Assembly to work for the benefit of citizens. I mean, and that's what a great part of the Zagreb public and the people I communicate with each day say, that I deserved it with my previous engagement. If some of my other colleagues deserve to be on her or on a much more secure safe entry point, surely, but it's a coalition list where some compromises are needed. There are quality people who are not on the list and I'm so sorry about it. Strong and high quality people should not be afraid, in fact, they should be even more pronounced in the public.

Anka Mrak Taritaš expects a good list result, what do you say? Do you have enough anonymity on it?

I expect a good result, the one that will enable the smooth assembly of our majority coalition at the City Assembly. Despite what you say there are even the weaker people on it, it's a good list.

There are also those who are dissatisfied with their position, such as SDP's Dominic Etlinger. Along with you, he was one of the most valuable and most active deputy of the last convocation, and the party was "rewarded" by 23. a place on a list that does not directly introduce it to the Assembly ?!

I am very surprised that his colleague Dominik is so low on the list, he is one of the most recognizable people in town politics. The responsibility of both parties and leaders is to place their recognizable and high quality people on the top of the list to help their authorities attract voters and voter confidence. A different situation would be that preferential voting was introduced at local elections, unfortunately it was not.

"Other prized and active people of the last summons were also awarded" - Mario Župan on HDZ's 37 list, and Alen Ostojić on that Sandra Švaljek and HSLS 51.

It is obvious that their party leaders do not value their work and effort so far. I am sorry for that, there are two quality people with whom I would be pleased to cooperate in the new mandate of the Assembly.

Milan Bandic collected 67 thousand signatures for his mayoral nomination, far more than any other candidate. how do you comment on it?

The respectable figure is, of course, but given the stories about how and how these signatures were collected, and the colleague Etlinger warned in his report to the DIP, that number does not cause any admiration for me, but only an even greater motive to show that time for radical changes in Zagreb.

What do you expect from the latest elections?

I expect another round in which Mrs. Mrak Taritaš will win Milan Bandic. I also expect the majority in the City Assembly to be led by HNS and SDP. Personal expectations - a good result at the Rudeš local council where I hold a coalition list of the SDP and HNS to further assist neighbors to improve the quality of life in Rudeš. And yes - "Zagreb talks" continue as soon as constitutes a new Assembly convocation, direct conversation, cooperation with citizens and solving their problems are the essence of the present and future mandate of the MPs.