Looking up, worse, listening to the shuffle in the Parliament for the past few days, every man with the mind wonders - and where do we live. All this might not have been so sad that we know that battles are leading with the aspiration to the welfare of the state and the people. But in the end, or at least it does, it all comes down to power, placement, money, and comfortable armchairs in the Parliament, the Government, and the ministries. The state and people all over the top, or most, are the last on a list of priorities.

We've been singing a government, we've chosen another government, and it looks like we're going to be the third - in just two years. For democracy this is sometimes good, experts say, so democracy is learning, but somehow it seems our politicians do not learn but repeat the same peas, repeat and repeat.

For about three weeks, local elections have been scheduled. Ten candidates submitted a sufficient number of signatures for their candidacy, and there are numerous lists for the City Assembly. Each candidate says that he has a magical formula that will turn Zagreb into a modern European metropolis, which will solve the problem of waste and traffic, reduce cling, increase employment, attract youth educated to stay in Zagreb, to arrive in Zagreb, and not leaving it.

Everyone is kidding that their list for the Assembly is the best. If it is a win, it will win most of its mandate.

Four out of the five strongest candidates, Milan Bandic, Anka Mrak Taritaš, Sandra Švaljek i Drago Prgomet, the lists were not celebrated.

List of Milan Bandic, as well as the 2013. year, his 16 is a long year of long rule in Zagreb. His list is populist.

Not to be late, one man commented on Facebook's Bandic's list with words: "He still lacks Mate Kapović i Dražen Keleminec"

This comment best describes Milan Bandic's assembly list - realistically populist dry-mouth names - like Branka Lustiga, Ševka Omerbašić, Ane Rucner, Ljerke Mintas Hodak, Gordane Rusak, Sandre Perković and others.

He argues, it is a list of people with their names and surnames, career, achievements. That is true, but is it a list of people who will fight for Zagreb, for the Zagrebers, who will point to the problems that the inhabitants of Kozari Boka, Brezovica, Podsused, Sesveta meet ?!

Let's imagine the double winner of Oscar Branko Lustig at the assembly speaker talking about the lack of sewerage and water supply in Brezovica or the top cello player Anu Rucner visiting the residents of Jakuševac who complain of the unsightly smell of the nearby landfill. But it is the job of a city representative - to be the voice of a citizen of Zagreb, not to be a man with his name, surname, career and achievements, and who does not go out of the assembly room (when he is at Cyrillic at all). Sandra Perkovic was in the last convocation of a person with her name and surname, with achievements, and that was why she was not a better city attorney. Indeed, there was no city representative because he did not speak, he did not ask any questions. The sessions did not even appear.

Of course, that does not mean that one can not do without each other, but it's as if the editor of a celebrated TV guide sends a report on apple prices from the market. Would he do it with anger and enthusiasm, or over that stuff ?! On the other hand, a newly-made journalist who just came out of college, he would have to get caught up with apple prices because that's his first task, the most important thing in life.

We have seen this in the past convocation of the city parliament on the example of a young SDP representative Dominika Etlingera. He spent two and a half years as he spent at the Assembly in a serious city politician. He spoke for the word, asked questions, found topics, warned of irregularities. It was not imposed on him by an old experienced officer, mayor Bandic, and he has been extensively shot with verbally, verbally, of course. He spotted city quarters, socializing with citizens, listening to their problems, and trying to help them through the party or assembly. So, with will, fervor, and enthusiasm, he has worked all that is expected of a city representative. He represented the citizens who chose him. His list, though.

Of course, you have to have that-something, but you have to be willing to do it. And if there are more predispositions for the existence of the will of youth and inexperience, the desire to prove and rise in the party hierarchy. And in the last session, we had a lot of people "with their names and surnames," with the careers and achievements, which even A did not say in four years, who do not even know how the back of the assembly booth looks. One was mentioned Sandra Perkovic, and there is another one Davor Štern who rarely spoke for the word, who had almost never put up with affair questions. Josip Petrač, a bit, is one of those who do not even know what the back side looks like and so on.

So Bandic got down with his leaf. It does not mean that the people with it will not be active, but just like a year ago, it did not even try to give a chance to young people, young people looking for struggles and work, looking for a better job for all of us, for Zagreb. Instead, he chose the names-surnames.

And they were also in SDP. The mentioned Dominican Etlinger "thrown" on 23. a place on the list that does not bring him directly to the Assembly even in the most optimistic scenario. He will come in, argue the list makers as a substitute.

Probably and will, but there is a question - what message is sent to the young SDPs ?! Work, work, do what you have chosen honorably and worthy, represent your party, defend party principles - and maybe your coach puts you in the game before the end of the second half, to feel a little grass. But maybe only.

We will not go into the reasons for such a list maker's decision, such as being the SDP chief Davor Bernardić removed the future competition from the road, the potential challenger, the younger crow in the yard. But whatever the reason, the message was sent, she mentioned.

How to expect the team in the Parliament to have dignity, honor, courage, will. Some of them probably never had, and those who are - have lost these qualities probably during the political beginnings, when they learned from their party leaders that the one who works does not work, which is worthwhile, but the one closer to the leader's anal opening.

Almost identical thing happened to two more lists, that one Sandre Švaljek and HSLS and that Drage Prgometa and HDZ.

Independent wine cellar for a better and different Zagreb-worthy party soldier from last convocation, Alena Ostojić, put it in the last place on the list - 51. We are not going to speculate about the reasons for such a decision, but in that case it turned out that in Croatian politics - effort simply does not pay.

Sugar at the end of HDZ is Mario Župan, one of the more active deputies in the last convocation. Frequently in front of the cameras, common for the booth, the County opened some topics that others did not. Top topics, not those they read in the newspapers, but topics that came to them - talking to citizens or visiting the city. For everything he did as a city representative for his neighborhood, for his city, HDZs have "rewarded" him 37. a place on the list, which does not lead to Catherine Square.

The loudest, most active and most valuable advocate of the last convocation, the HNS Tomislav Stojak, has been awarded - the 7 site on the joint SDP and HNS list, which will certainly be introduced to the Assembly. But even though it seems to have got what he deserved, it looks more like a comforting prize - when he has not got anything else, at least to the Assembly again. Because he was supposed to take the Zagreb HNS after leaving Dragana Kovačevićbut no, it was taken by Anka Mrak Taritaš.

And then someone is scolded over lack of morale, lack of empathy, lack of cheeks, lack of balls of our national politicians - party presidents, ministers, parliamentarians. So where would they "earn" such qualities when those of the earliest political days, at best, are not evaluated. In the worst - punish. Let us remember the SDPs Aleksandra Kolarić who was forced to address the criticism of the great leader Zoran Milanovic so he quickly escaped from the party.