Zlatko Hasanbegovic, Picture Source: Facebook

Zlatko Hasanbegović is in the second place of the election list for the Assembly of Independent Bruno Esih. That is, he threw gloves in the face of HDZ and party president Andrey Plenković, who would have to get him out of the party now.

This is not Plenkovic's announcement, but that is also the HDZ statute defending the members of the party to go out on the other lists. After all, Andrej Plenković repeated when he openly threatened all members of the HDZ in Zagreb to bear sanctions if he did not clearly support the official HDZ candidate for mayor Drago Prgomet.

But Plenkovic now has a problem with Hasanbegovic's release. The HDZ barely gathered most in the Parliament. In that majority is Hasanbegović, but also Glasnović who is also on the list of Bruno Esih for the City Assembly. Glasnović and Hasanbegovic have endorsed Gordan Jandrokovic's election as Speaker of Parliament, but that does not mean that they will support both new ministers that Plenkovic must propose to Parliament after the local elections. Esih did not even support Jandrokovic.

Three of them can now set up their own club in the Parliament. Esih and Glasnović are independent representatives, and soon as things stand, Zlatko Hasanbegović will become independent.

Because, by this, Andreja Plenković threw a glove into his face, over which he would not be able to cross. Especially not now, when he began to prove to his members and to the Croatian public that he was not as hesitant as they thought.

The HDZ remained with this move by Zlatko Hasanbegovic, and from Headquarters Drage Prgometa did not want to comment anymore tonight. Although it was not a secret that Hasanbegović supported the candidacy of Bruno Esih, until now they did not know how to run on its list.

His fate will have to decide on the top of the party, not the Zagreb organization, because Hasanbegović and a member of the national presidency, and only the National Presidency of the HDZ can cast him out of the party. However, we repeat, their statute is clear on this issue and leaves no room for doubt.