I remember, I was very small, early 80 ...

In the living room I was kneeling, almost piously, looking at the new, glittering tape deck that my old man, apparently, bought in Trieste. The man, he was of silver color and had the loudspeakers separating. I caught a radio station, possibly Radio Zagreb, and roused the antenna to hear the lady who came to the show:

"Hear, call me from Martić," I found out with the smirk of smuggled cells.

"There, in front of my building, between the small park and the shop is a debt hole. If somebody jumps in and jumps, huh? Please relax with these people from the city and take some urgent action! "She screamed into the ether of the angry fever.

I slowly drifted off, left a new relic from Trieste, looked out the window and concluded:

"My complete street is a hole. Unpaved and muddy "...

Still, nobody did it. Patiently waiting for the city's fathers to realize that people on the eastern periphery live on people who swim in clean shoes at the tram station and muddle them in a bag. People who drink water from the backyard pond just a few meters away from the polluted canal, people whose fates sneaked and fell in the middle of the industrial zone, people surrounded by factory chimneys, from which the blacksmiths drizzled black smoke. People who did not bother about the holes on the road because the road they did not even have ...

But, resentful. We get a little more and all we have but we still miss the city's "dullness" to fight for ourselves, just as Mrs. Martić did. On the other hand, I know the Zagreb individuals who are not lacking in the heaviness, so much so that, say, they do not want to park in front of their buildings. Because it's not all about the protocol because they want original, homemade grass because ... Because if you ask me, they do not know what it's like to mumble anything and do not know what kind of joy it is when you get something.

Oh yeah. And we got a park in Puteva. Vele, gorgeous and fashionable. Sometimes I think it is not a children's park due to the power of pensioners who just sit and watch football, tennis and basketball courts. Al, I know what they are doing there and what they think:

"It was a shame that my kid jumped through the puddles, and there was no place for the game, which his neighbors made in front of the house because he was stuck with the ball. Damn, it's just a pity, but it does not matter. My granddaughter can now have fun for all of us. "

Our huge park is at all times lurking. And really, without any annoyance, it comes to mind that we have another park, if it is not the others!

Actually, give us everything you will not! Are you upset because the new building does not fit into the ambience of your neighborhood? Do you think that a new-born tree-shaped jablana is a completely wrong choice of trees? It enliven you what your Post was robbed for the second time in a year? Give it to us because we do not have it at all!

Feel free to give us a building, a perivoj, a promenade ... And you give us jablane, compulsory.

Believe me, nowhere will be loved and kept as in my patient place. We'll let them grow high so high until they hide the last black, factory chimney.

Author: Snježana Vučković