Ivan Lovrinović is the only candidate for the mayor of Zagreb, the coalition behind which we are Changing Croatia, the Living Wall, the Youth Action, the Franak Association and a number of other individuals and associations. Zagreb offers, says, the wind of change, with people who are firm and credible, who have the knowledge and experience and who will, together with him, fight corruption and clientelism.

You are one of the 10 candidates for the mayor of Zagreb, which you offer to Zagreb and the Zagrebers?

I go to the polls in front of the coalition The only option we make is to Change Croatia, Live Wall, Youth Action, the Franak Association and a number of associations and distinguished individuals. We want to bring the wind of change to Zagreb. I could now talk a lot about the changes and the program, however, here I will only list the key points of the program around which I gathered the team. This city is a thirsty and hungry change, here already 16 years has been the same policy, we have one man. If I had one mandate, possibly two, it would already be emptied. I do not know anyone who can have new ideas, new energy, and to do something, therefore, is only occupied by populism. First, I'll open all doors and windows in the city, well ventilate, run down, and that means I'm going to introduce order, responsibility, and discipline. On the other hand, I will pay close attention to the healing of city finance. Zagreb is overemphasized. When we add Holding, who is the only member of the Mayor Assembly, then we see that we have Pharaohs in the city. And I will win against it, democratizing public money management. Well imagine, with 7 billions of dollars Budget can not allow citizens to get crumbs, they have to live better. I will check everything, how it worked, how it was spent.

We had the situation that there were more representatives of the Holding Assembly, but that did not work well?

That's the problem, that's not the solution, and it's not even this. It has to be a lot more transparent. I will introduce the practice of selecting key people through public bidding. Of course, the City is responsible for its trading company, but I'm fine, as an economist, researching the finances of the City and Holding. Holding the city in this case serves as a box of racks because City debt is limited to 20 percent of total revenue. Even now, the City has crossed that boundary, so most of the project would not be possible without borrowing and not being realized by the Zagreb Holding, and it has debts owed by debtors and lenders to about 5.5 billion. That's why everyone's suggestions and suggestions of my competitors fall into the water because City and Holding are overdone.

What's more of my program, I will build several retirement homes. I will also solve the problem of youth unemployment. So far he has come to Zagreb, and now he leaves. In the city center, and beyond, there are many business premises that are neglected. Sometimes you could not find a free space. Now it's unbearable to watch. What I'm going to do is to offer entrepreneurs, craftsmen, those premises free of charge, just to pay for the directions and what they have to do. Why? Because they are part of the tourist offer.

And wastes, traffic, all of them point out as key issues they intend to solve?

It is funny that the culture of separation of waste moves from a small community, not from a single capital. We do not have the culture of separating waste, the current authorities were unable to secure several cans to separate the waste. What more to say about it. If this can work in smaller places, why not stay here. So the first separation is the waste, and then the rest. We are against the incinerator, the present city government insists on it, but we are against it. The timed bomb is Jakuševac but there are technologies - ultra high temperature hydrolysis, and such drives are known worldwide and are not dangerous. Based on evaporation, gas is produced and it is further used for heat or electricity. So, not only will we not spend but we will also earn.

You have unexpectedly entered the mayoral race, it should have been Ivan Pernar, how did you suddenly act as a candidate?

First of all, to say, my strategy is to enter the last hour. Already all have divided the percentages, and the only option coalition will turn them into bills. The only option in the last parliamentary elections was the biggest surprise. We are a combination of youth made by the Living Wall and the Action of Youth and the experience that make Change Croatia and the Association Franak. So, we have top experts in all areas. From traffic to the next - trains, traffic connections Dubnica and Sesveta, cycling trails etc.

To return to your question, Live Wall told my colleague Pernar, and in the end I am a candidate - and you see, research has shown what has happened now, research has shown that people see me as an experienced man led by the Faculty of Economics, as a specialist who has experience and knowledge, in syllabus with the youth, we are the only real option. We only think seriously. Well, look at the other candidates - HDZ has three candidates, Esih, Prgomet and Bandic. Two candidates, Mrak Taritaš and Švaljek from the school are Mayor of Milan Bandic.

Zagreb needs a wind of change, with people who are credible and strong, who have the knowledge and experience that will fight corruption and clientelism and this city, our beautiful Zagreb, to all citizens, enable prospects for our children not to go abroad.

Coalitions in the Assembly?

We will not even coalesce. We at the national level have our club. We do not want anyone to be a jerk, patch. We have our own policy, our path, our program that we offer to citizens. We will be a surprise at the elections and without us will no longer be able to work in Zagreb.

You said, you're going to cut down?

All citizens of Zagreb pay a number of years of tax because they live in Zagreb, 18 percent. I will make refinancing huge debts both of the City and Holding and only on savings of interest, because these are too expensive loans, I will make enormous savings and I will reduce the surge. How much we will see. But no one will pay tax in the future because they live in Zagreb, while money is scattered, and this city needs to be changed.