Milan Bandic

The official web site of the City of Zagreb gets a "new look" every few years. Interestingly, they were redesigned these days, in a way that almost all of Bandic's projects were listed on the front page, which he recently announced announcing his candidacy for another Zagreb mandate. Along with these, there are also recent projects completed.

So when someone in your browser is plugged in the cover page immediately screams:

  • Subsidizing interest to buy apartments for young scientists in Podbrežje,
  • parent educator,
  • a solution to problems in urban traffic (and a picture of a rotor in Remetinac),
  • the new building of the Music Academy,
  • employing defenders,
  • fountains,
  • renovation facade,
  • sloping lifts,
  • decentralization of Zagreb

Of course, this is not something forbidden - he is the mayor of Zagreb, the official site of the City of Zagreb, and it is about Zagreb projects funded by Zagreb's money. But still…