Darko Klasić HSLS

We talked with HSLS Dark Class, the sixth on Sandra Svaljek's list for the City Assembly. What he expects from recent local elections, what will he and how he will join the Assembly, and of course he was interested in us, and why one of the most prominent deputies last summoned, HSLS Alen Ostojić, got the last place on the list.

Sandra Švaljek for the Assembly?

I think the list reflects a wide range of experts from various areas that should change the way the city is run. It was about covering the broader range of people who should, in fact, manage the city.

You're on the sixth, what do you expect?

I hope that through my actions I will succeed in solving the problems of the City of Zagreb, primarily through the Appeals and Complaints Bureau. I have been many times the initiator of these various decisions and I have seen that Committee work and I hope that I will improve in this way solving the problems of Zagreb citizens.

Yeah, you were very active. Have you held numerous conferences with various topics - from the pharmacy in Črnomerec to the Great Stream and so on?

It seems to me that the Board of Appeals and Complaints is not effective enough or can handle the current problems of citizens, but I think there is more to do in that field.

Are you dissatisfied with your Assembly List? For example, one of the more active deputies of the last summoning Alen Ostojić is the last on it - 51.?!

Five people on the list Sandra Švaljek come from HSLS. Alen Ostojic has been in the Assembly for two terms, and we have the policy that people from all the levels, from the local committees to the City Assembly, alternate, not when someone sits in a position to move from her. Alen agreed with this and we count that he through the work of the Assembly and the Board is still actively involved, and we count on his knowledge as well.

But what message is sent to valuable and active party members?

He was the most active member of HSLS. We will probably have a mandate in some other way, it is not questionable. But politicians in our country, if they come to a function, then marry that function for the rest of their lives. So in the Croatian Parliament 30 there are people who are 10 and more than a year in acting. There is not enough space for young people to come up with some new people who want to show something else.

Miroslav Polovanec was seventh on the list - he was, like Ostojic, a deputy in the last session, but unlike him, almost uninvolved - did not answer, did not speak, did not ask questions. How did he earn the seventh place on the list?

That was questionable much about this story. The list is common, not just ours, and not Sandra Svaljek. At the headquarters, he discussed where he would be. And I was surprised to be sixth. That's always the case, no one is happy, but no one is either turbo-unhappy. It is always a problem to agree lists, both for the Assembly and for the fourth and local committees. Somewhere you have a few active people, so you have to choose one or two, and somewhere you have people who have not done anything, and they go to one of the lists by accident.

And who made the list for the Assembly, whose last one was - Sandra Švaljek or Darinko Kosora?

Sandra is the chief, she is the carrier list.

For his mayoral nominee, Švaljek collected 8 thousand signatures - the third in that number after Bandic and Prgomet, and in front of Anka Mrak Taritaš, Bruno Esih and others, a comment?

Given the financial situation we had, where we were having a problem setting up more booths, the result was remarkably good. that we had more resources and more stalls would be even better. Unfortunately, we could cover only the 5 stalls we had seven days and the 10 stalls we had in just two days. But the 50 sign of the sign we collected directly from citizens on the street. We also had a lot of lay-ups - for example, on the Labor Market Day of Zagreb Market "forgot" to deliver us a booth we planned to set up at Maksimir, so we had to deal with, improvising.