Zlatko Hasanbegović clarified his reasons for the "passing" of Bruni Esih, on whose list for the City Assembly, and sharply defeated the (today's) HDZ, President of Andreja Plenković, Minister Martina Dalić and Nina Obuljen, as well as the Zagreb branch of the party as he said, with Mayor Milan Bandic.

In the following, we pass on Hasanbegović's speech to numerous journalists from Brunei Esih.

- It seems to me to be useful to remind this occasion of events that have taken place in the context of the current political and parliamentary moment, which can be summarized in Marx's thought about repeating history in two forms, first as a tragedy and then as a farce.
Then, as we know, mr. Sc. Andrej Plenković, a representative of the Croatian Democratic Union in the European Parliament, with several colleagues, including today's party secretary Davor Ivo Stier, sent his deputies to the Croatian Parliament a dramatic letter in which he stressed that in the context of the government crisis, "to assume political responsibility for Croatia". The same letter further states that "there are moments in parliamentary work where it is difficult to align their own conscience with the decisions of party bodies and at the same time bring a daring personal decision in the national interest".
The letter was concluded with the invitation of HDZ members in the Croatian Parliament to "vote for conscience for the benefit of Croatia". Translated into the language of the moment, this was a call to disobey the decisions of the then president of the HDZ and the party presidency, which was not justified in any party sanctions. A little before that mr. Sc. Andrej Plenkovic held a speech at the party congress in which he stated that "a party can not be a hostage to the political destiny of any of its members".
Comparing to that Plenković's thoughts - the principle of which I have no and no one to question - is imposed especially on these days when the HDZ and the government led, as we have seen, were brought to the position of hostages of the political destiny of the finance minister, the unpopular expert and the capable Minister of the former presiding mandate of then President Tomislav Karamarko's party, and a man who was never a member of the HDZ, and which is to be said - as a minister of culture in the government of Tihomir Oreskovic, he worked quite rightly and whose human integrity I respect.
This position also implied some other psychological and political messages and burdens, as it created the impression that a party in Agrokor affair turned into a kind of guarantor and protector of the management and ownership structures of that group that produced a whole set of economic, financial, tax and other the ambiguity that will ultimately have a judicial epilogue, according to the general expectation of the Croatian public.
For days I have asked myself whether the HDZ should be brought to the position of such a hostage? Without a deeper and more strategic reflection, a coalition relationship can be undermined, irrespective of all its features, and that no other is seen in the political-party horizon, which would not be ordinary political trade without any political-value and worldview foundation? Can the position of HDZ and its government depend not only on one member but also on a non-member party?
And then, after all, when the party president and the government without any consultation with the party bodies that have been brought before the final act, and subsequent formal confirmation of the already made decision, chose the path that I find to be wrong, whether the HDZ should indulge in parliamentary procedural manipulations and combinations that transform our political and parliamentary lives into moral baldness?
Days, therefore, together with many other colleagues, members and supporters of the HDZ, ask myself the question, is not this moment in which the voice of conscience must take precedence not in the voice of a party, but in the voice of a part of the party leadership and the informal counseling-cabinet circle without formal and party elections in the party's affirmative position?
I know that it is much easier for those who do not struggle with such questions, that the more relaxed life of those who knowingly avoid questioning their own ethical and political position.
The events of the past few days and weeks show that in the largest, central Croatian party, the Croatian Democratic Union, there are many who share the same hope with me and with the same fear. That is why I thank my colleagues and party friends here again with gratitude and gratitude. Because the turmoil in the Croatian Democratic Union, from eastern Croatia through the south of Croatia to the recent events in the party organization at Zagreb's Črnomerc - the parent organization of the current president of the party and the government of Andreja Plenković - shows that the problems are getting harder and our fears are all the more established. They will not disappear if we close their eyes before them. State-national interests and interests of the parties require that we face these problems and unfavorable processes.
Bearing in mind the signs of dissatisfaction with the party falling below the surface, but bearing in mind two other important facts: first, the party president, on his own hands and without any consultation with party bodies, has repeatedly decided to endanger the survival of our government; and second, that the HDZ and in spite of this unhappy move still favor the elections that can be expected realistically in the near future (even if that position of the favors comes out of the weakness of others, but from the strength and discretion of our conduct), I have decided to put my political fate and future, not letting them any of their self-assertion, grace or idleness.
I am convinced that I express the mood of a large part of party membership and our supporters, and to represent those national, political and ethical values ​​on which the HDZ is established and which - at times, despite the shortage of party leadership - has dominated the Croatian political scene for almost three decades.
In the past year and a half on two occasions elections for the Croatian Parliament were held, therefore - the most complete and most representative survey of the national mood. On two occasions, the Croatian people gave the Croatian Democratic Union a majority of confidence, on two occasions most Croatian citizens demonstrated that they did not want this country to be governed by SDP, HNS, IDS, SDSS notorious Milorad Pupovac, Milan Bandic and similar. But we are witnessing that part of the party leadership - I actually President Plenkovic with his invisible but recognizable mentors - wants to negotiate under the table and cheap politicians the results of those elections, to want the HDZ to condemn the coalition with the small parties that the world viewers are incompatible with the HDZ world viewer (and then inevitably introduce us into an after-election anti-democratic status quo, the so-called big coalition with the SDP!), ie that it wants to introduce these parties to the government without regard to the values ​​and principles written in HDZ- And.
About party-political resumes of all involved and responsible actors for such a foreseeable and undesirable political development, from President Plenković to his closest associates, such as Davor Božinović, Gordan Jandroković, Martina Dalić, who at one time left the party and was awarded a ministerial position for her dissident Donor of the Sectarian Protestant Party Smartly and together with Nina Obuljen Korzin, the program supporter and candidacy Sandre Švaljek) we know everything. Also, self-proclaimed mentors such as Franjo Gregurić, an occasional media theorist and advocate of the so-called " big coalition or Vladimir Šeks, the Croatian public knows enough that I do not have to remind myself of it here.
The Croatian public also know that Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic with his own click is actually a product of capitular, anti-democratic political tactics of the HDZ's current and former leadership. For Zagreb members and supporters know that HDZ had half a year in his hands had Bandic's political destiny, that neglecting the city budget could prevent Bandic from abusing the money of Zagreb citizens for their own political career and election promotion. And as Milan Bandic, the guard of the Marshal Tito Square, is held in Zagreb, so there are practically no election units in which Prime Minister Plenkovic and the narrow, alienated circle around him in these elections do not impose their candidates, ignoring and humiliating membership in the field and local HDZ organizations.
The culmination of such irresponsible and in the interests of the party of the executing party is the imposition of the candidacy of Drago Prgomet, the multiple party party and the party list for the City Assembly, rather than the true will of the city organization, although the elected vice-president of the HDZ in Zagreb could not decide in any way.
Regarding the case of Drage Prgomet, who announced his mayoral candidacy a year ago in the name of his then party HRID, I spoke publicly and gave arguments why Bruno Esih would be a better party candidate. On that occasion, I pointed out that in no way will I participate in this campaign. The turnaround occurred in the face of embarrassing events in the Croatian Parliament when I myself, with my colleagues, especially with Bruno Esih and General Zeljko Glasnović, were embedded in the moral baldness of political trade and the sharing of responsibility for events for which we are in no way responsible. Including and switching to us the possible responsibility for the fall of the HDZ government and new elections. Regardless of all the moral doubts in all of my decisions in the Croatian Parliament, I ended up as a responsible and loyal member of the party and an elected member of the party's presidency.
These are the reasons why I have decided and openly stand by the candidacy and the civilian non-partisan Bruno Esih, whose worldview and political views - as they are known to the public - have already supported it. She and her list, which is not the list of other HDZ counterparts, represent the values ​​that I represent in these elections in the city of Zagreb, which are undoubtedly shared by most members and supporters of the Croatian Democratic Union, Homeland War veterans and most Croatian patriots in general .
This is not a candidature and a list directed against the true interests of the Croatian Democratic Union, since it is only a real vote of refuge for those members and party supporters who have been forced to choose between decades of elections and ballots for the imposed party candidates or candidates of the other parties, especially Milan Bandic. In the light of the current political crisis and questioning the survival of the government caused by the imposition of personal interests and political dilettantism and irresponsibility, the elections in Zagreb, by their far-reaching and national importance, go beyond the frames of local elections.
The candidacy of Brunei Esih and her civil and non-partisan list in this political twilight represent a light on the horizon and hint that both new people, unburdened by the Yugoslav and communist past, deprived of clientelist and corrupt tails and burdens, and devoted to democracy and the national state, come to the national political scene and its interests. Knowing what we have to do, I do not expect a slight victory, but in the victory of my principles I hardly believe, I would not be here today - he said Zlatko Hasanbegović.

Asked if he was going to get him out of the HDZ, Hasanbegović said he had not resigned and that Andrej Plenkovic would decide on it as well, probably in consultation with Seks and Božinović.

Asked if his speech could be characterized as a call to membership in disobedience, Hasanbegović said that behind him was his conscience and belief, not a group of overlapping political goals and hidden mentors.

To the journalist's statement that his voice is important for the HDZ, Hasanbegović said that the issue of the new party majority and the composition of the government that will eventually come from that majority is only on the agenda. He added that Esih and Glasnović clearly pointed out the conditions under which the new government was acceptable.