Zlatko Hasanbegović

As expected, Zlatko Hasanbegovic was kicked out of the HDZ. In addition to calling the president of the HDZ and the Government of Andreja Plenković for political trade with the parties of the left option, without saving any others, such as Martina Dalić, Nina Obuljen, Vladimir Šeks, Drage Prgomet and others, last Friday it became clear that Hasanbegovic goes his way when he is announced that he is the second on the list for the Zagreb City Assembly of an independent candidate of Bruno Esih. In the HDZ Statute, it clearly states that one of the reasons for the termination of membership in that party is running for elections without knowing the party.

Andrej Plenković he obviously wished to wait Monday, but also to the assembly list Brune Esih be published on the website of the Election Commission, and then made the expected - out Zlatka Hasanbegovic.

- By inspecting the published Legislative candidate list for the election of members of the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb, it was established that the current HDZ Presidency member dr. Zlatko Hasanbegovic has been nominated for the second place in the list of voters, who are Bruno Esih. This is in accordance with article 13. paragraph 1. sub-paragraph d) of the HDZ Statute, HDZ membership ceased. The Statute clearly stipulates that membership in the HDZ "stops by running for elections without the consent of the party," according to the announcement that HDZ has sent to its now-former member of the Presidency, Zlatko Hasanbegović.

Let us recall what Hasanbegović told Brenk Esih this morning to Plenković, Seks, Prgomet, Jandrokovic and others.