Today, at midnight, a public call for expressions of interest for the reconstruction of Zagreb facades ends. It is a co-financing model that foresees one co-financing zone in the whole city: the street front 80, and the other facades 60. The possible coverage of the works co-financed with works on the renovation of facades has been extended to: removing graffiti, performing a protective antigraphic coating and installing video surveillance cameras and a recording device as a measure of graphite protection.

Public invitation to co-owners of multi-storey buildings through the building manager and representative of co-owners was issued by 10.12.2016. lasting from 90 days. New Public Call Due to Improved Co-financing Conditions and High Interest of Citizens, 23.3.2017 was again announced. lasting from 45 days.

- We are just in front of one of the more complex façade renovations of the building with the metal facade, the so-called canned metal facade. To date, a lot has been said about restoring these buildings, but here, we can finally announce that, together with the co-owners, we begin the renovation said Mayor Bandic.

By the end of the call, by the end of the day is expected around the 3700 application, the rebuild will cover around 65 000 apartments and business premises in multi-storey buildings, or involved in the renovation somewhere around the 130 - 150 000 citizens, said the mayor and added: the visual identity of the city, we affirm the tourist potential and the protection of cultural goods, increase the present quality and value of real estate. Above all, this project engages the building capacities and empowers the entrepreneurial component of the city, employs people.

Josip Bota, a representative of the tenant of the building in Vidriceva Street, expressed satisfaction with the co-financing of the City of Zagreb in the renovation of the facade, and thanked the mayor of this project that would largely solve their problems.

Doris Kažimir Fresl, Mayor of the City Mayor, said that in June this year, all applications and verification of the Priority List will be completed and will be published on the official web site. The start of building works is expected in August or September 2017. years.