Blue Rider on holidays, photo: Siniša Štambuk

On Wednesday, 10. May at 19 lessons at the Živi Atelje DK gallery in Ilica 110 opens the exhibition "Unknown design of incomplete items" by painter Jelena Sokic.

Jelena Sokic (1980.) Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, participated in Erasmus exchange students in Italy. He is the author of several solo exhibitions, he has participated in numerous collective exhibitions, performances. As the main media outlets, it is used for painting and video. Currently lives and works in Zagreb.

Are you presenting me for the beginning?

I am a messenger of this gloomy time to which I want to add meaning and value.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) you will be opening an exhibition. What kind of exhibition is the place where the pictures can be seen, how many will be exposed, by when?

On Wednesday, 10.05. at 19, an exhibition titled "Unknown Structure of Incomplete Items" will be opened at the Živi Atelje DK Gallery at Ilica 110 in Zagreb. These are the images created during the last calendar year of creation, and in that sense represent an overview of the current state of creative concentration and occupation, which tends to spread and transform. The exhibition remains open all day after opening (11.5), and by 19. to 26. May.

Life from above, photo: Siniša Štambuk

Do you have a guest at the opening of the exhibition, if I'm not sure who he is talking about?

It is about the Slovenian writer and poet Tomislav Vrecar, who performs under the pseudonym Soma Arsen, and for the opening he prepared a twenty-minute recital entitled "Freedom, who knows you?", In which experimental music and recitations are complimented.

How difficult (or easy) to succeed as an artist, a painter, how is it that you are permeating yourself in this world?

It is a special kind of occupation that requires dedication, knowledge, time and renunciation. To succeed in this field means something quite different than succeeding in another occupation.

Word to end ...

Painting is not dead!

The bubbbles from surface ..., photo: Siniša Štambuk