Drago Prgomet and his team for Zagreb

HDZ candidate for Deputy Mayor of Zagreb Nikolina Brnjac presented solutions for a comprehensive reorganization of the transport system and the application of the best transport solutions, including the connection of the "Franjo Tuđman" Airport with the Main Station, which is an investment of about 350 million kuna, which would he financed 85 with the funds of the European Union and built it for three to four years.

"We see Zagreb as a city of sustainable traffic and innovative transport solutions. This implies long-term traffic planning, reorganization of the transport system and implementation of the best transport solutions - said Brnjac.

At the press conference at the Zagreb HDZ City Hall, Brnjac said the goals of their program were to reduce traffic jams and narrow throats, increase traffic safety and share public transport and cycling, and reduce traffic-induced pollution. He pointed out that the Zagreb citizens must travel faster and safer, and Zagreb should follow examples of best European and world practices.

- Zagreb, cities of its size, if they do not plan a sustainable transport system, are facing the problems of crowding, congestion, traffic accidents, causing citizens financial costs, but also the cost of time, and in all of this is an aspect - security - she said. .

He stressed that, for this reason, HDZ advocates for automated traffic management projects and integrated passenger transport projects. For example, citizens could leave the car on an "intermodal stand," or hub, and come to the railway system and go from it to buses or trams.

"All this requires a single transport ticket and a" tactical timetable ", which means that everything is aligned, that there is no loss, no waiting, but a continuous process. And even with the automatic traffic control, which makes it possible to give priority to public transport vehicles, in relation to personal cars, I believe that everyone will recognize the benefits of such an integrated public transport - Brnjac said.

He also said that it is a very important aspect and the airport "Franjo Tuđman" and its connection with the Main Station.

"Since there is a railway infrastructure from the Main Station to Velika Gorica, but there is no link to the Airport, we are supposed to take advantage of the existing railway capacities and add the railway infrastructure from six to ten kilometers," explained Brnjac, adding that it was an investment of about 350 million, which can be co-financed from EU funds with 85 percentages and 15 percent of the budget.

Brnjac said that in this way, HDZ offers a much better quality and faster solution than the current proposal to link the "Franjo Tuđman" Airport to Kvaternik's tramway.

He added that these transport solutions are very simple and that they only need long-term traffic planning and make strategic projects to benefit citizens and the economy.

Finally, she pointed out that it is unacceptable for Zagreb to have a student campus on Boronga, which is completely incompatible with other parts of the city, and comes daily from 4500 to 5000 students.