Sandra Švaljek

Independent candidate for mayor Sandra Švaljek presented to the front of the House for the Elderly and Impossible Medvescak the measure of her electoral program, which she plans to win if she improves the position of the retired population, Hin reports.

In addition to promising the continuity of current policies, measures and rights, he plans to build five new homes for retirees.

- All rights that pensioners enjoy in Zagreb, such as the right to free access to ZET for those with income lower than the 3200 kuna or the right to receive financial assistance for those with less than the 1500 kuna per month, while new measures can improve the quality of life - she said is the Svaljek journalists.

New measures, say, include the construction of five new homes for retirees, the establishment of new gerontological centers and living quarters for retirees across town districts, and the organization and financing of assistance at home for retirees.

- During the recent mandate of Milan Bandic's current mayor, the number of pensioners increased by 28 thousand, which did not follow and the corresponding increase in the number of places in the pensioners' homes increased to only 200 seats - concluded Švaljek.