We talked with Zlatko Bjesančević, a veteran student who, together with his colleague Anđela Šimić, organized an interesting, unusual and all-seeing exhibition of Reptilomania +. An exhibition on which the main stars were reptilized by reptiles, opens today (on Wednesday) for only a few hours, and more than a hundred copies of these animals will be free to look up to Sunday evening.


Do you represent me this year, the fifth in a row, Reptilomania?

For the fifth time in a row, the association of veterinary medicine students "EQUUS" organizes an educational exhibition with accompanying lectures. The exhibition is held by 10. to 14. May at Student's premises at the Veterinary Faculty. For all visitors, entrance is free. The ceremonial opening is today, 10. May at 12 Hours. The exhibition will be opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Nenad Turk. For other days, the exhibition will be open from 10 to 20 hours. In addition, we have organized accompanying lectures that link the theme of exotic animals to pets. Lectures are held on Friday and Saturday. All visitors are provided with parking at the Veterinary Faculty.

What is the purpose of this exhibition?

The aim of this exhibition is to bring all the curiosities closer to the theme of exotic animals and to obtain the necessary information, starting with the most basic ones, such as getting acquainted with the most common types of exotic animals kept as pets, the necessary conditions for accommodation, nutrition, breeding options as well as treatment.

The Educational Exposition of Reptilomania + is designed for the general public to show exotic pets such as snakes, lizards, amphibians, spiders. At the exhibition, you can meet yourself with these wonderful creatures yourself, and you might even get one such pet.

How many reptiles will be exposed, how many exhibitors are participating in the exhibition?

This year, we give the animals eleven exhibitors to these pets. Almost 100 animals and about 60 animal species will be exposed. There will be exposed snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians and spiders. This year, the attraction of chameleons of different colors, landed and watermelon turtles, is back to the Argentinean tegu and we have the most copies of royal pythons so far.


Is the invasion free?

The exhibition is free for all visitors, and this year we prolonged its duration so it opened on Sunday, 14.5. At the exhibition there is the possibility of photographing with certain animal species. There is also the possibility of group visits with prior announcement to mail:

Is the interest in Reptiloma ever increasing?

This year's exhibition has the highest number of animals and most animal species, which shows that year-on-year increases. The visibility of the exhibition is getting bigger - the first visited by 500 visitors, and last year visited by 4500 visitors. And this year we expect an increase in the number of visitors.

Everything, of course, is done with the help and cooperation of the veterinarian faculty?

The first year's exhibition is supported by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, where it is held, and this year we have been cooperating with the Croatian Veterinary Chamber for the first time. The exhibition was recognized by its quality at the University of Zagreb and we received the Special Rector Award. Besides this, the students-organizers, I and Angel Šimić, received the Dean's acknowledgment for the outstanding success of this project.