Candidate for the Zagreb Mayor of the Coalition Changing Croatia and the Living Wall Ivan Lovrinović said that the Trnjanska Savica Park became a symbol of destroying green areas and living space in Zagreb, which should be resolved in the face, Hin reports.

Ivan Lovrinović is, together with the President of the Living Wall Ivan Vilibor Sincic, Ivan Pernar and candidates for mayors Josipom Rodić i Tihomir Lukinic signed a petition of citizens who have been parked and guarded for a long time day after day.

"I have chosen Trnjanska Savica as a place that has become almost a symbol of years of repeated and repeated attempts to destroy green areas and living space in Zagreb. After that we can only expect the excavators to come to Zrinjevac or to start destroying Lenuci's hut in the center of Zagreb - Lovrinovic told reporters adding that people living in Savica and throughout Zagreb certainly do not support the self-sufficiency exercised by the mayor Milan Bandic.

He reminded that this expensive project was intended to be carried out without the consent of citizens, while in other parts of the city there is still no basic infrastructure - water, electricity and gas.

Sincic reminded of last year's affair in Lanište, where on private land the city money was parked, which was destroyed after one year "because he wanted to build a private person there."

"Bulldozers" sat down "the trees, toys for children, and everything else that the city had invested. It is known that Lanište is a quart with a large number of unresolved property and legal relationships, many citizens do not know who they are, how they are paying and can buy and sell. So, general chaos - said Sincic.

He estimated that the examples of Trnjanska Savica and Laništa show that it is unattractive and incorrectly beneficial for individuals, and urban money is unplanned and devastated.

- Mayor of Milan Milan Bandic is keen to favor certain lobbies, rather than the interests of residents of certain neighborhoods - concluded Sincic.