Mayor Milan Bandić and his associates visited the construction site in Podbrežje, near Nova Gradiska settlement Sloboština, where a new settlement will soon be built, whereby, among other things, at affordable prices, apartments will be available for purchase by researchers from the University of Zagreb. One third of the apartments are intended for citizens, and a third is for so-called social rental.

- Here we build a total of 1800 apartments. When the first phase of construction and the building is completed in January, the apartment will get citizens who would never have the roof - such 200 apartments for social renters. Also, 200 apartments are intended for users of public rental and 208 apartments to users of scientific staff that the City when subscribing to the apartment subsidizes interest on loans from 2 to 4 percent in euros, or 2 to 4,50 percent in kunas. There are three prerequisites for the city and society to function - demographic renewal, the education that we must provide young people and the jobs that will position them in the work world - said Mayor Bandic.

Interest subsidies for the purchase of apartments intended for users from the scientific staff of the University of Zagreb are the result of the Agreement on Cooperation between the City of Zagreb and the University of Zagreb.

Housing loans in this program will be more favorable than the market and will not require a deposit, while the flats will also be cheaper than the market. The city is investing in human capital, which will have multiple returns measured by demographic, economic, social and political effects, the mayor noted.

In the next year, a school and a kindergarten will begin, and in the second phase a cultural center, a swimming pool complex, another kindergarten, a health center and other public facilities will be built, with additional 1200 apartments.

Through its program, the city provided funds for the construction of the Avenije Većeslava Holjevac, Cimermanova Street, Vatican, Horvatova and the service streets of the settlement itself, which would make this part of Novi Zagreb in traffic sense.