The Car Museum of Ferdinand Budicki is in great trouble. He billed over 350 a thousand kuna in the form of unpaid utility contributions and other allowances, and threatened to close it. Since its opening four years ago, the only Croatian museum of cars and other vehicles visited tens of thousands of citizens and tourists, of which a large part of the income was realized, but part of the money was also obtained through various subsidies, both the Ministry of Culture and the City of Zagreb. She was caught up when that money stopped coming.

According to the head of the Car Museum Valentina Valjka, who with a few friends and colleagues has brought this whole story out of nothing and the Museum and the Ministry this museum is simply not interesting. He does not want to speculate about the reasons, but says that behind him and his colleague there is no one, no interest groups, politicians and parties, so they are so cacky.

What's going on with the Car Museum of Ferdinand Budicki?

Now, for two months, there will be a 4 year for the Ferdinand Budicki Museum to exist, and from the very beginning, through the media, we monitor the closure of the city and state institutions against this project. Well we can say that at the end of the fourth year of action we have never been in a worse situation. This manifests itself through the following - 2016 began. when the Ministry of Culture denied funding. It continued on 2017., And last year in 12. month The City Office for Property Legal Affairs due to cold operation blocked our bill, and it all culminated when Bandic said that Zagreb can even be without the Budicki Museum, to block funds for 2017, and if we do not solve that cold drive it will start the eviction process. Now we are trained for endurance - debts are there, no City money, no money of the state, we are not allowed to do business ourselves, a sad story.

On the one hand, it is logical that the City demands payment of debts, but is it logical and that the City of Interest is one of the museums in the rank of the Technical Museum?

The system is overwhelming. The citizens of Zagreb made this museum without any kune of the city or state money, they recognized this museum, 50 thousands of citizens through it only went to Museum Nights, kids coming from school, became a new tourist destination of Zagreb, but those who decide, to whom Citizens gave the vote to decide and have public money, they decided differently that the Museum Moves.

From 2014. when the contract expired, and when we were formally and legally made the case even stronger we were pressurized, there was psychological maltreatment. To us, the City Office for Crisis Intervention, Miss Kalinic, forbidding school buses practicing, forbidding citizens parking, set up three ramps in the parking lot, weekend parking is forbidden, called Zagrebparking, places us on car punishment, comes here, screams and threatens us. We are obviously drawn into some political games of city offices, and only what can we defend the results?

How is this museum not interesting for the City of Zagreb?

Well, because the people who run this city have some potentials to see that. When you are a citizen association without a political background behind you, then everyone is crazy with you. We are good at the Night of the Museum when everyone comes here and they appear - there were the mayor, Ivica Lovrić, Tedi Lušetić, the mayor here several times, and when the camera goes out, you stay alone. I do not know why it is not. One beautiful and positive story has created an aggressive enemy because nowadays we really have nothing to lose. That is why we are talking about it openly, when they have taken all of us, so that citizens know what the situation is.

What are you going to do next?

Well, this is not 2 yet. World War, can begin the eviction process. This is not a museum that is a wine cellar, here is not sold alcohol and hamburgers, this is a museum that marks the 120 years of Croatian and Zagreb history, the first monograph I made was the author. Zagreb has been waiting for this space for 40 years, citizens have responded, and the one who is going to launch such a story, I think that she will enroll myself forever in the cultural policy of the City of Zagreb.