On the occasion of a growing number of refugees entering Croatia, Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said on Thursday from the government session that it is a humanitarian crisis in which institutions are doing everything they need "in the best interest, above all Croatia, humanity and respect for European rules", but and warned that Croatian capacity was limited.

It is our duty to record people entering Croatia until we are able, depending on the arrival of new people, said Milanovic adding that it is about people who do not want to stay in Croatia.

"So we are in transit and we will behave towards them certainly better than some other states, as we have seen in the last days," he said.

But regardless of our organization, Croatian opportunities are limited, Milanovic emphasized, adding that the possibilities of Austria, which are bigger and more rich, are limited.

Milanovic had spoken to Austrian Federal Chancellor Werner Faymann for an hour before the Cabinet session. "We shared the experience, agreed on some things. Austria is still a country of destination, Croatia is not, "the prime minister said.

He reiterated that Croatia would be constructive and cooperative, but "there are limits to our capacities".

"After that, if the number increases, I do not know if we can record all the people, I can not guarantee it. We must take into account first of all the Croatian interests, but I think we have already shown in the beginning that we know how to behave as people, "concluded Milanovic.

The Government issued a decision on the establishment of a Coordinator for Coordination of Activities on the occasion of the arrival of migrants into the Republic of Croatia, led by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Ranko Ostojić.

Almost 6000 refugees came to Croatia during the night.