Anka Mrak Taritaš

By approaching local elections, to be held on Sunday, 21. May, there is a growing nervousness among the candidates, and so the so-called dirty campaign begins, when the candidate's statements from verbal quizzes are turned into duels with fewer words being chosen. So he came in between two Zagreb women, the most likely candidates for the second round with Milan Bandic, Ankom Mrak Taritaš and Sandra Švaljek.

She first went off Anka Mrak Taritaš who was hurting on his Facebook profile at the Svaljek, but he did not have to pay any attention to this.


I have not commented on the statements of other candidates so far, but this morning I thought I should, mostly because I owe it to everyone who supports me in my political action. Mrs. Švaljek, for the last few days in various media, says that she will profit from the Zagreb elections because "HNS is flirting with the HDZ" and is set as a "competitive party to the SDP".

So, first of all, HNS has already been the fiercest opposition to HDZ for 27 years, and twice when it participated in government, that was with SDP. So much about flirting with HDZ.

As far as the construction is concerned, HNS's competitive party SDP, HNS and SDP have been cooperating fairly for many years, but of course they are two separate parties with different programs and ideas. What could be the reason for any party to exist except to compete with its programs and people on the political scene and seek citizens' trust? After all, what was the reason Mrs Švaljek stated on the establishment of his own party (which he called "an independent list") a month before the first election to which he actively participated?

I must also recall that Mrs. Švaljek, in addition to co-operation with the current mayor of Zagreb, began her entire political career at the national level and started as a consultant to HDZ prime ministers Sanader and Kosor. The two parties supporting her candidacy and her party have a joint list in the elections in Zagreb are HDZ's coalition partners - the HSLS, which is part of the current HDZ majority, but also the former Karamarko, Sanader, and is actually one of the longest HDZ partner, and the Croatian Conservative Party, Ruza Tomasic, who won her mandate as a member of the European Parliament from the HDZ list. Some of the statements that have celebrated it are easy to find on the internet (blissful google).

Finally, with a statement by Mrs Švaljek I completely agree, that is, voters are not party property and will ultimately vote in their own judgment. I believe that they will be guided by facts, not by ground-based PR structures. After all, this whole campaign is not about the parties, but about the people, or the candidates that citizens believe can make changes in Zagreb - was written by Anka Mrak Taritaš.

However, to the answer Sandre Švaljek it did not take long to wait.

- Today's attack on Mrs. Mrak Taritaš is felt as an expression of nervousness, probably caused by Gun's affair, in negotiations between the HNS and the HDZ, and the fall in support for her candidacy. I would like to keep our pride and compassion and not to report false news. Let the voters decide for themselves who can best lead Zagreb in the next mandate - Sandra Švaljek returned.