Nenad Matić

Former HSS, now President of the Green List, Nenad Matic, is on the Milan Bandic's list for the City Assembly, and almost certainly puts that seat in the town parliament.

Everything is known, the lists are formed, received the green light of the Election Commission. You are the ninth on Milan Bandic's list. What do you expect, how are you satisfied with the position?

I am satisfied with the list proposed by Milan Bandic because this is certainly the strongest list of all the lists for the City Assembly. I am also pleased that he has not been engaged in any party relations but has placed the strongest people who can pull, produce results and give lists, but in the future City of Zagreb through the City Assembly the additional epithet, he says, a multicultural and multiethnic city. And Mr. Lustig and Mrs. Ana Stavljenić Rukavina and Shevko Omerbašić and Ljerka Mintas Hodak are all people who are honored to be behind you, that it is your honor and pleasure to be ahead of you. I'm happy with my place, that I am twelve too, to be sure that I will pass, and not to pass, to be on that list is very honored because it is a strong and quality list. I think that citizens will recognize it, honoring that list with its voices because these people will surely give that added value to the City Assembly, although we and the citizens were sometimes dissatisfied with the composition and discussions at the City Assembly. This group of people guarantees that this will be a quality debate and a more quality list of Milan Bandic than of 2013.

What can we expect from you as an advocate, of course, if you enter the Assembly?

I think in that City Assembly to give a lot of activities, from the communal part where I will suggest for local committees and for certain streets, certain parts of the city to work in a better way - sewerage, plumbing, road construction, or some green topics, in terms of sustainable development, such as the spatial arrangement of Zagreb where we will insist that this unhappy GUP finally brings, and also no sporting activities will be neglected, to make more cycling trails even though we now have a lot of them over 400 kilometers but need more . I will also ask that the Maksimir stadium finally be edited and to be a beauty in Zagreb, to be the center of the soccer world in Croatia. Let us not forget the pets we will fight for, to have as many dog ​​parks, as well as to encourage owners to take care of their pets.

On the one hand, Bandic's list is impeccable - different parties, different religions, more women than men. But does this mean that these people are doing their job well or just about a set of sound names, of which citizens will not have any use in the Assembly ?!

It is important to name and surname, but it is also important for people to work, to be active at the City Assembly. I do not doubt that this composition of the people, which is now proposed for the Assembly, will be active and that they will contribute to the quality of the discussions to make the City Assembly even more beautiful and even better. I think that as far as the field is concerned and the field tour is concerned, Bandic is the first in Croatia and that he has the best information on the field, and we will all add to the quality in working with his activities. I think that good people are going to be active in one culture talk or some other segment I can say more and better because of their long-time experience than some who talk about every point of the agenda. I do not think it's all in the news, though it has to be, to be active. But it's not all in statistics because some MPs just stuff statistics.

Why does not give priority to young people but only "names-surnames"?

There are also young people on Bandic's list, they are somewhat lower on the list, but I think they will come in line as substitutes because there will be a lot of people from this list, beginning with the mayor and two deputies, in the executive branch so these young people will enter as replacements. But I think the Assembly is a place where you do not have to be young and in top form, so it's not soccer. Much of this means knowledge, experience, reputation.

In other parties it was dissatisfied with the list of the Assembly - HDZ, Sandre Švaljek, HNS and SDP. Near you?

There was no public dissatisfaction. Nobody has publicly expressed our dissatisfaction with us. Perhaps some would like to be more on the list, but there is no open discontent because we are of prime interest that the City of Zagreb functions well and that Bandic will be the mayor. The problem with other parties is crowding on the lists because they know they will not win, that Bandic will again be the mayor, and they know that only a high place on the list gives them political work in the City of Zagreb. Bandic is different because he will also have executive power.