The sloping cable car will be finished in full profile to the beginning of Snow Queen 2019. Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić said at the upper station of the old sljeme helicopter where he presented the state of the works carried out within the first two phases, including the reconstruction of the Mihaljevac - Down line, the removal of the old cableway and the cleaning of the corridor for the new one.

- The citizens of any part of the city will be able to sit on a tram with skis and boots and take them directly to the lower station of the new cable car, and for only a few minutes to be in the first starting position - Mayor Bandic said after the tour.

As explained by Ivica Blažun, a member of the group for the construction of a new lifts, in the second phase of the work, all old equipment of the lifts is removed, including tensile, traction and bearing ropes, all the ropeway platforms and their foundations. According to the project of construction of a new lifts, the Gornje and Donja post offices will be sheltered where roofs covered with asbestos panels will be repaired, while all exterior joinery will be changed on the Donja building as well.

The project for the construction of a new lifts intended for public transport of passengers from the downstream station in Dolje to Vidikovc wants to dismantle the existing transport infrastructure to Sljeme and to increase the number of visitors. The new cable car will be more modern, faster and safer and will carry 1500 passengers per hour, which is triple higher capacity than the old one. Furthermore, they will have 84 cabins equipped with state-of-the-art technology with a capacity up to 10 people, and driving from the startup station to Vidikovc will last only 16 minutes.

By building a new cable car, citizens of Zagreb and all visitors will receive an important infrastructure facility that will further develop the tourist, sporting and recreational potential of Sljeme. The new ski lift will also provide greater ecological protection of the Sljeme and faster realization of the Sljeme without a car. The total value of the project is 142 million kuna, and the planned release of new lifts in August is 2018. years.