Medika, photo: Zagreb Places

The cult club of Zagreb, a favorite gathering place for young alternatives - Medika, will not close. At least not now. And when that happens, for Mediku will be found a new space in which they will be able to continue with the action, for the portal they have been told by the City Administration or the Mayor's Office.

The Office Mayor's response to the status of Medika and the user of that area in Pierottijeva Street is fully transmitted.

- The City of Zagreb, through the Office for Real Property and Property of the City, after being warned by the Fire Protection Inspectorate of the Ministry of the Interior, as the owner of space, primarily for the safety of users in the Medika area and for the implementation of fire protection measures, leave space for detailed inspection of installations, installation of fire protection systems and other necessary work on the facility.

Yesterday, in the afternoon, a letter was received from the Attack Association operating in these areas and immediately after the order of Mayor Milan Bandic there was a meeting in the city administration with the users of the space (from the Attack Association at the meeting were Sanja Burlović and Nikola Mijatović) and we are positive they agreed that space would be repaired intermittently so that users would not necessarily have to leave space. Already today, in agreement with the space users, the team in Medika has started to undergo inspections to be able to create projects and carry out necessary works to protect the security.

Please also note that the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb is 2005. spent an architectural contest for the construction of a congress center in the area. The decision to build a congress center in this area was not made. What will eventually be known in the area by the end of the current year. In any case, when the time comes, existing space users will find adequate accommodation at some other location - states the Office of the Mayor's Office.