Milivoj Špika, source: Facebook

BUZ's Milivoj Špika, who spent part of the mandate in the previous assembly of the HDZ and HSP coalition with Dr Ante Starčević and then in the Croatian Parliament in which he entered with Milan Bandić and the coalition gathered around him, to the local the elections in Zagreb stand alone, with its list for the City Assembly. He says it is time to prove that a good result can be achieved independently, primarily because of the fact that his list is the only retired list that comes out of Zagreb's elections alone. So he and his list are considered to be the only real representative of a retired population in Zagreb.

You go to the City Assembly elections. What do you expect, were you in the last convocation of the City Assembly?

We are expecting to be part of the City Assembly again, perhaps with that mandate, since we went to the stand alone list, which means we expect two or three of our men, and what is good at this point is that the Blok pensioners list is the only retirement list that comes out on these elections for the Assembly alone. It will be easy to recognize us.

How do you go out alone? In the last session you were with HDZ and HSP AS in the coalition, you went to the parliamentary elections with Milan Bandić, and now you are going alone ?!

It is high time that after a few election results when we worked very well with the coalition partners and did something that other partners did not, to show our true value. So, we are in a situation where the Blok pensioners have started to look together as a party that does not contribute much to the coalition partner. I say that this is a totally wrong attitude and this is now a chance to show the opposite and therefore we come out on our own. We do not go to these elections only in Zagreb, we only go to them in a few more places, with their mayoral candidates and lists. But Zagreb is the capital of Croatia where the political power of options should be shown, and it would be good to say that it is all in the context of the expected early parliamentary elections. So, capture some starting positions.

What do you offer Zagreb and the City of Zagreb, for which you will stand up in the city parliament?

One of the first items we are suggesting to enter in the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb is to raise pension supplements for the 50 percent. You know that in Zagreb we have a retirement allowance up to the 900 kune, up to the 1200 kune and up to the 1500 kune, and we're going to increase it for the 50 rate. What is important to us in BUZ is to begin with the project of installing elevators in buildings larger than the 4 floor, this is our project, our initiative. You know that in Zagreb during the 50 years a lot of these buildings were built in which no lifts existed, and in the meantime a lot of people who are disabled and 100 percent have appeared. So, they must even have a priority under the law, and in that action we move right away because the price of installing an elevator is about 100-a hundred thousand. Also, the goal is to provide better conditions for disabled people, therefore, to improve the existing infrastructure, and to make a new one.

What else?

A good part of Zagreb still does not have a good water supply and sewerage solution. So, we will pay attention to that.

As far as the youngest population is concerned, we will try to provide them with a better standard, especially for kindergartens and children. We can ask for an average of at least two retirement homes per year, which is one of the things missing in Zagreb. We will also request a free public transport for all pensioners, including pensioners living in the Zagreb County area, and are physically attached to the City of Zagreb, especially if it is about solving health problems.

We also have an efficient solution for the quick repair of the waste landfill in Jakuševac. As a city representative, three years ago, I proposed a solution for which we have provided complete documentation, and there is an international funding institution, so Zagreb would not pay anything there, and would completely eliminate daily and deposited municipal waste. The plant would run without harmful gas and substance emissions, and that entire hill on Jakuševac could disappear within 3 to 5 years. Zagreb struggles with the traffic connections of parts of the city. We will also work on improving traffic hubs and improving transport infrastructure.

To do this, just like a political party, we are ready to invite all political actors in the City of Zagreb. So, we call on all political actors to stop losing time on some of the ideological discussions because other people's problems are more important for the people of Zagreb, and they need people who have solutions to communal and social problems. They need people who know how to solve their primarily existential problems.

Who are you willing to enter into a coalition if you enter the Assembly?

Returnees for the first time in Zagreb have the opportunity to choose their true retired people, especially because I am the holder of this list, and I believe they remember me both from the Assembly and from the Parliament where I was six months uncompromisingly on the line of struggle and advocacy for all that we have been negotiating with the coalition partners. We have also published on our site what we expect and what we want from our coalition partners, and since we are not an ideological party, we will cooperate with everyone who is ready to fulfill our requirements from the program we have presented, which is the only reference we can talk about - all second is irrelevant for the citizens of Zagreb and for the citizens of Croatia.