To bring benefits and ease business to its users, City Gas Plants Zagreb has improved its business processes by introducing eRaccounts that will be released next week.

By introducing eRaccounts instead of paper invoices for distribution, connection, installation testing, and other non-standard services, the GPZ will make savings in printing, printing, forwarding and billing processes as well as eliminating the cost of losing paper invoices. One of the benefits of the eRa account is that it comes to the recipient in the form of images and data, and every electronic invoice sent knows exactly when it was taken over and who took it, which is why it has the status of the recommended item.

Each eReference, sent via the Moj-eRačun service, allows the user to directly import data into an accounting program, without overcharging, without any human error and without the possibility of losing the account, which for tens of thousands of companies working with GPZ means significant savings in the processing itself and account savings, as well as savings on interest payments due to a more regular payment of your account. In addition, eRačun does not require either recorders or shelves, but is stored in the electronic archive or eArhiv and contributes to the sustainability of the environment.

In 155. years of existence City Gas Company Zagreb has always followed the latest technological achievements in the modernization of business processes and to provide its partners with the best possible service. The introduction of eRacing in the GPZ business is a step closer to meeting the requirements put forward by the European Union by the Member States by issuing a Directive according to which Member States are obliged to introduce a Public Procurement eReport.