The mayor candidate for Zagreb Mayor Ivan Lovrinovic and his deputy Tihomir Lukanic warned that decentralization of city administration and the solution of the traffic infrastructure are fueling the problem of the city, Hin reports.

- The city of Zagreb is a highly centralized city where one person manages with 8 HRK billions of taxpayers every year - Lukanić said at a press conference in Sesvete.

Councils of local committees and city districts are considered to increase the level of decision-making as they are legally defined as the representative bodies of the population.

- Specifically, it is stipulated by law that city districts and local committees of legal entities are not assigned to OIB and the number of giro accounts until today. I can not take part in the payment system and depend entirely on the Mayor's decisions and price lists that are often twice as expensive as it is real, so we have situations where two 50.000 knives or two 100.000 booths are paid in the park, "he said.

When it comes to transport infrastructure, it suggests the integration of passenger transport - bus, tram and rail. They claim, in the existing timetable, to use only 30 percent of railway capacity in Zagreb, with the trend of further decline in the number of train passengers and their transfer to buses.

"No form of transport can move passengers from the suburbs to the city center for as little time as a railroad," concluded Lukanić.

Ivan Lovrinović said that Sesvete is the city district that pays the most money to the city budget and gets the least.

- This relationship will change in favor of almost 100.000 Sesveta residents. We will change the city's relationship to Sesvete that has been treated as a village and I am fully aware of the more frequent initiatives for separation into a stand-alone town if we consider that Sesvetski taxpayers pay into the city budget more than 700 million kuna and only get crumbs - said Lovrinović.