Pero Kovačević, source: Facebook

The beginning of the current election year of local election campaigns indicates that this election campaign will again be rich in stone foundations for the various promotional activities of the people. Namely, the election years are in our time of laying various stone foundations, cutting ribbons and various openings that have long been opened and released into roads, schools, kindergartens, lifts and the like. A special problem is contained in the fact that a large number of stone foundations were casually buried in the land, covered with weed and forgetfulness, and nobody takes them into account. We do not have any associations to care about this casually buried rocks.

How to protect stones?

We are again witnessing that prefects, mayors, chiefs, and other rulers bury the stone foundations in the land without a doubt. Therefore, for a long time, I have been thinking of how to protect and rescue from the collapse of stone foundations, which are always put in place during an election campaign. The foundation of the foundation stone in Croatia is especially relevant to 1992. years. How much is the foundation stone for a variety of projects set up by 1992. to date, it is difficult to determine, but it is certain that over 80 a percentage of them in the country. For this reason, in order to protect the environment and rescue the foundation stone from decay, I invite all who have information about such forgotten stone foundations for their area of ​​living and housing, to me or to publish this portal to me.

Why do I ask for it, simply because we have the same stone foundations out and saved them from further decay.

Bešćutan relationship.

We will call upon their planners, the representatives of the party who has stolen the stones unharmed to the land and the Croatian citizens who have witnessed the act of throwing stones into the earth to extract the laid and forgotten stone foundations. This action may have undone domete, and the media representatives, first of all those who testified to throwing rocks into the ground, should also testify to it, and read again the text informing the public that the stone was set.

The enormous effect of this action, "Save the Stone of Foundations," will also have positive health effects on unbridled stones, because they subconsciously have trauma and psychological problems, and the cause is precisely that unsavory relationship with stone. As this year, across the country, new stone foundations will be put into place, so let's go to the rescue of previously unkemptly buried stones throughout our Beautiful. Imagine how many miles of road can be built from the hideously buried stone foundation !?

The stone foundations to forgive them will not.

Author: Pero Kovačević