Marko Sladoljev, source: Facebook

On the first day of the last week before the local elections, he was nominated for the mayor candidate for the mayor of Zagreb, the creditor and the fiery fan of Dinamo, Mark Sladoljev.

How did yesterday's counter-candidates face up? There were no Milan Bandic or Bruno Esih, or any other candidates?

I am very pleased, the feedback is excellent, people think that I was the only concrete one and they recognized the only and true opposition, the one who did not take part in the government with Bandic in power and who will not take part in it. Unlike HDZ, Sandre Švaljek and Anke Mrak Taritaš, who were not too critical of Mr. Bandic in confronting them in some ways opening the door to a post-election coalition.

How is the preparation for the elections so far left for a week or two?

Every day we have some events. What I do is talk to the citizens. Yesterday I was at Bundek, yesterday was Mother's Day, we shared flowers there with an interesting name called "Prkos", and the reception was great. In this campaign I've visited all city district councils, all 17, and each of them has their own problems. What we have done for this reason is that we have left the city district councils to agree their program because they know best the specific problems in their neighborhood.

You send a message from the bottle of water that you do not have a Gazda?

Because this topic about Agrokor is also closely related to the City of Zagreb. I have already told a press conference that we have agro-corroboration in Zagreb. I pointed out then what were the links between Mr. Bandic and Mr. Todoric. This is evidenced by many examples, such as replacing land at Heinzel's and Vukovar's, which Mr. Bandic made with Mr. Todoric, and there are written documents for that. Then I said that the HNS was also connected with Mr Todoric via Mr. Ferencak, who is still the party secretary. I also said that some other candidates voted for Mr. Marić in Parliament and that we can not separate this topic from local elections.

Let's repeat what you offer to Zagreb and Zagreb - in short ?!

I offer a completely different policy, politics without clientelism and corruption. What my slogan says is - I offer a city, not a swamp. I offer a very transparent policy in which every kuna from the city budget will know where it is spent and in which citizens will no longer doubt its mayor, in which Zagreb will no longer be a symbol of nepotism and corruption rather than a completely new way of managing the city. I urge the citizens of Zagreb not to give up their city, from their Dinamo, Cibona, Zagreb, from their parks, and that the fight begins in the elections, and I will be their participant and partner in the whole story.

What do you expect from the City Assembly elections - will you enter, how many mandates do you expect?

Božo Petrov and Nikola Grmoja have already said that we will be surprised by these choices so I would not go to the number of mandates, but I think we will surprise that Bridge will be a surprise.

Who would you possibly coalesce or at least co-operate with the Assembly?

Just not with Bandic. Other possibilities are open, but Bandic did not.

Is it possible for early elections in Zagreb, since many claim that no one will gather most or that it will be very difficult to gather, which means that the Budget will be difficult to pass?

I think Bandic, if he wins, even though I do not think he will, try in some ways to pick up some MPs at the City Assembly. The only thing I'm sure is that Bridge will not participate in it.

You would stop financing Dinamo, why?

Not Dinamo, but the current management of that club, to which this famous club, from which I live from birth, serves as an ATM. So, I would generally stop financing clubs that do not have transparent funding and who do not know where the money from Zagreb goes and what it is to spend. So I would finance amateur clubs, self-supporting clubs and clubs that promote the spirit of Zagreb's sport.

Word to end, message to the people of Zagreb?

The message to the citizens of Zagreb is - if they want to choose the city, not the swamp, to choose me and the list of the Bridge in the City Assembly and City Councils.