HNS and SDP candidate for Zagreb mayor Anka Mrak Taritaš visited the village Goranec near Sesveta, stressing that he wants to point to the uneven development of the City of Zagreb because in that part of Sesvete is part of the population without water supply and sewage, Hin reports.

Residents of the Šebeki Street, the Goranec settlement in Zagreb's Podsljevo area, met Anku Mrak Taritaš with the fact that the main problem is the lack of water supply and sewerage, but also other problems such as internet access and poor mobile telephony signals.

President Goranec's Alternate Speaker, Ilija Prodanović he met Mrak Taritaš with the fact that this street was made around 200 meters of the water supply network, but that works were still in operation even though it was designed to the last house. He added that locals are entitled to monthly water supply from 8 cubic meters of tanks. Having said that before the 17 years there was a water-line idea with which he was acquainted with the mayor Milan Bandic, but dropped out of the idea of ​​a supply pool and pumps, and this project still stands.

Anka Mrak Taritaš said that water supply and sewerage in the City of Zagreb must be a priority and that children in this part of the city do not have a safe bus line, adding that it is imperative and without that there is no progress.

They do not need big projects, and this can be done immediately because it is a minimum of standards, she said, adding that it was good to have come to this location because this is the City of Zagreb. She stressed that these people are paying for septic tank cleaners, as well as a cleaning fee, evaluating that it is unacceptable. And this is the City of Zagreb and people are paying the city peak from the 18 percent, she pointed out. It's easiest to submit accounts that you can not even figure out for what it is, she pointed out.

She stressed that the forthcoming local elections are also called municipal elections because they need to remove politics from them. The role of city management is to ensure minimum standards for all citizens.